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The first Monday back from a holiday weekend is so, so cruel. It’s like a little reminder of the immutability of life; no matter what we do, the calendar marches on while we cling to our leftover turkey legs and half-eaten pumpkin pies, trying to extend the avarice a bit longer. It’s Monday now, though, which means that it’s time for gluttony of a different kind. A handbag kind.

To make your return to real life as soft and comfortable as possible, we’ve assembled a gallery of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Skull Clutches, which are always so much fun to look at. They don’t taste like stuffing, admittedly, but you probably don’t need another helping of that anyway. (Seriously, though, pass me that pie. I’ll eat it for breakfast.)

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  • Kat

    #2 (the lead pic) and #6 make me willing to sacrifice my first born children for them. *drooooooool*

  • lintmag

    Little pieces of art! No room for anything but so pretty.

  • Hannah

    Holy glittertastic! I like those sparkly ones and the lead pic purse – it’s like gold lace and unicorns and cupcakes!

  • Asg

    Any idea of the prices? Also net-a-porter has this gorgeous McQueen clutch on their glitter ball page but no price on it! Any leads?

  • edoardo

    I love the clutches so so cool!

  • rose60610

    #s 1 and 7, very pretty.

  • MizzJ

    #1 = amazing!!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I love the pearls one, and the black/white one. Honestly I’d be happy with any of them.

  • J Umm

    the best brands for clutches.
    bottega is 2nd

  • DanaaGH.

    I just adore Alexander McQueen’s Clutches.

  • Elyse Greenberg

    they are tiny pieces of wearable art!

  • Shirley J

    so antique looking …i love them!!!

  • Alice

    It’s almost impossible to choose one! They are all so unique and exquisite that it would be a shame to pick a favorite

  • Jennie

    Mcqueen can do no wrong.

  • camilla

    I love A McQueen’s clutches: the best —sooo original