I have some good news and some bad news. First, the good news: the Chloe Lucy Bag, which everyone adored when we included it in our Chloe runway coverage and our Fall 2012 runway wrap-up, has finally become available online, and its first landing spot is at Matches Fashion. Yay! The first sighting of a major runway lust object available for purchase always gives me heart palpitations. The bad news? We need to have a discussion about its price.

Matches, a UK retailer, has the price for this bag listed at $2513 for US customers. It’s important to note that the price in US stores might vary a little bit, but on the whole, Matches’ Chloe prices are similar to or lower than Chloe prices at US retailers. Sadly, that means that $2495 or so is probably the very best we can hope for, and even that might be wishful thinking. While $2500 certainly isn’t outside the normal realm of bag prices that we deal with on this site, it seems to be more than is warranted for a fairly petite shoulder bag/clutch hybrid. Here’s an image of the bag on the runway, for sizing purposes:

It’s a well-sized bag, but not large by any stretch of the imagination. I was mentally prepared to pony up $1295 or a little more for the red version, but at twice that, I don’t think there’s any way to justify the cost, considering Chloe’s current price structure for its other accessories – Paratys and Marcies almost all cost less than $2k, and they’re generally quite a bit larger.

If you’re so inclined, you can purchase now via Matches for $2513.

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  • camilla

    i loved the bag since I saw it for the first time (D&G made one similar last year) but the price is too high. I can buy a chanel bag maybe even for less…

  • The price is even higher at net-a-porter! – 

    I’ve been eyeing it ever since I saw it on the run way because I thought it would be a nice companion to my Celine Triptyque but I guess not now. I couldn’t believe it is more expensive than the Triptyque, which frankly is a lot more generous in size!

    • It’s not on American Net-a-Porter, but you’re right, it’s in stock (and way more expensive) on the British version – the conversion rate works out to about $3,000. I wonder what the US price will be when it shows up.

      Frankly, $3k is completely exorbitant for this bag, which I was really looking forward to buying. Not at this price point, though.

      • camilla

        don’t misunderstand me please, I love Chloé, I love Celine they are the most innovative designers for me right now (with givenchy if you allow me…) but the price is, in this case, really too high, 1500 $ could be let’s say… reasonable? Camilla

      • No I totally agree with you! I was just clarifying the price for other readers since it’s not on the American NAP site, which is where our readers come from.

  • chris

    Considering a M/L flap from Chanel is 4K, this is not bad….just saying;)

    • That’s comparing apples and oranges, though – a Chanel Classic Flap is a bag that’s proven its staying power over decades of use by the most stylish women in the world. Moms pass them down to their daughters. This, on the other hand, is a seasonal bag from a brand that just hired a new creative director after a few down seasons and that has trained its customers to expect bags in the $1500-$2000 price range. Even Celine priced the Luggage Tote at $1750 to get it off the ground. Considering the context, the price point seems…aggressive.

  • Julie_gallaher

    Beautiful color! It is really perfect for fashion ! I like the bags!


  • Grace

    I too was waiting for this bag, but the price is outrageous

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I think Chole could have added a little more sparkle to justify this ridiculous price tag…..

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I can’t believe the gall to ask that price. It is really lovely and I have certainly paid that & a bit more for a bag but it’s the principal of the thing. NO.

  • Pursepro.com

    I still want it!!

  • Gonz

    I love the new collection, but what can I say spring was more amazing and bright, at least for me. While it may be winter will bring clarity. I looked at the collection ????? Prada 

  • Lauren

    Amanda I will take the plunge and purchase this bag in this faboulous red leather, I people love it enough for the both of us.

  • An4

    insane price for that little bag. it says it’s lined in leather and twill but all I see is twill, not worth it.

  • 19yearslater

    Yikes. When I first saw it I thought not bad, a little too eighties. But for over 2,000 no way.

  • dun like the final design and where is that all important mini logo?

  • Daphinemuffin

    Whatttt…. I totally intended to use this as a laptop case at first X?X

  • Pursepro.com

    I saw the Lucy in person yesterday at Saks in Beverly Hills.  The price tag is $2,995!!  Wow!!

  • John

    the reason the bag is so expensive is because it is made by the same people who make chanel bags. This is what one of the Chloe sales associates said to me. At least the inner quilting is made by those chanel crafts-people