When trying to design a high-end bag, mixing materials can turn into a risky proposition. If too many are used, or the use of the materials has a lack of sophistication, the final product can look patchworked and cheap very, very quickly. Luckily, the Chloé Billie New Small Messenger Bag manages to stay on the right side of the line.

By constructing the main body of the bag out of leather and canvas in shades of tan, Chloé gave this design texture without adding fussiness or confusion. Keeping the shiny black patent for use as trim only gives the bag a pleasantly vintage feel and even more wardrobe versatility.

It may seem a little noncommittal, but when faced with modern dressing, having a black-and-tan bag actually isn’t a bad idea. The combination somehow manages to make the bag even more neutral than it would have been in a single color while simultaneously upping its visual interest, a combination of feats rarely achieved by even the best designers. My only moment of hesitation about this bag is the interplay between the shades of tan, but the addition of the black trim makes that less of a concern than it would have been otherwise. Buy through Saks for $1560.

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  • Vasaki

    it’s so cute……..!!!!!!!!!!! like – like – like!!!!

  • Lorie

    It really is cute shape and very interesting, but I’m really not loving the orangey-tan color.

  • Handbag Lover

    Cute bag, looks like one that will always be in style. Nice!

  • kalai

    love it. this is would make a perfect everyday bag.

  • Staci

    I really like the mix of black and tan. It’s smart and chic!

  • XXAL

    dont like it, it looks cheap & tacky! and the overall pattern looks like if it were to be flattened, you’ll get the burberry print. but im sure burberry would’ve done a better job bringing out their pattern into 3d form. the materials used such as the canvas, the tan leather, & the patent looking black leather.. the gold locks.. eh. not good

  • Kris

    i feel like Im back to high school..i dont know..

  • Vitta

    This one is an instant classic! Chic yet effortless; original yet neutral. The play of the colors (linen, British tan and black) and the textures (canvas, saddle leather and glossy patent) is brilliant. Innovative and versatile. You can play with this idea endlessly, changing the mix of colors, textures, materials and general proportions – to create the whole line called “Billie”. Love it!

  • Stylista

    Ah, this is cute! I love it when leather is mixed with other materials.


  • EvaKnox

    The color combination will be rockin this season mark my words :)

  • harveydent

    This is another great bag for Chloe. Just when everyone is getting so huffy about all the minimalism, Chloe kicks it up just the perfect amount while staying true to their classic sense. The patent leather trim gives this sophisticated bag a playful and youthful touch. I’m loving this and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • ninjaninja

    Love the old school feel of this bag (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    Love the vintage feel! (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    like proenza copycat! (ipad)

  • Mel

    This is beautiful! (ipad)

  • Jen

    Ugly. (ipad)

  • helen

    Interesting (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I like this bag a lot. I am not crazy about the patent leather, but it does add extra interest to the bag. I also like that it is very different than many other Chloe bags. (ipad)

  • Sherry

    great color combination (ipad)

  • Sherry

    interesting (ipad)

  • Sherry

    beautiful (ipad)

  • Sherry

    very classic (ipad)

  • Sherry

    this style bag will always be in style (ipad)

  • Sherry

    :) (ipad)