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When we started PurseBlog back in 2005, the Chloe Paddington “it bag” sensation was at its height. In fact, Vlad and I made a 6 hour both way drive to Munich to get one ourselves. Following the Paddington came the Silverado, which attempted to ride the wave. While the Silverado did not get as much attention as the Paddington, it did get our attention.

And then one day the it-bag craze ended and the Paddington and Silverado slowly left our minds. So earlier this week when Amanda and I saw the Chloe Silverado pop up on Saks, it caused double and triple takes. Welcome back Silverado, not sure how much we missed you or wanted you back in our life, but you have arrived.

Amanda covered the leather Silverado and I’m bringing you the python version. Not much to report that hasn’t been covered before, other than this version is made with python skin. The price, relatively speaking, is not that absurd for a python bag. What it comes down to is if you still want to be part of the Silverado rage, here it is. Buy via Saks for $2,650.

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  • deluxeduck

    if im not mistaken, the Silverado came before the Paddington.

    • Oh you may be right. I just recall the Paddington being much more talked about and sought after, and it seemed as if the Silverado followed.

  • SFitting

    Still fugly – what a waste of python!!

  • Tiffany

    Too western for me..

    • BeBe

      I agree with Tiffany…just too Western :-( The bag would look much better, even still today, without all the whipstitching!

      • Terri

        Ditto! I think it looks like a saddle.

    • RGMofNYC

      I know, even changing the leather to python doesn’t stop this bag from looking like it could be bought at the gift shop of a family dude ranch.

  • Sofia Nolan

    $2650??? Are you kiddin me?
    First of all, I`m not getting a click with this Chloe bag like I do with the ones that I feel are made for me (and others of course). And second. Ladies, ladies, ladies. If I were to like it, I`d definitely get a replica!

    • Alana

      This site does not advocate fakes!!!!!

    • LeighKamira

      woot woot for knockoffs! that price is crazy

      • RGMofNYC

        Knockoffs are not for purse lovers. They’re for people who wish they could live a certain lifestyle but can’t. People who buy the real deal truly appreciate purses, and also don’t happen to support child labor.

  • An4

    again with this bag? please, once was enough. I’m disliking it more and more.

  • ShoeQueen1961

    I just don’t see it… Sorry for pursuing my own bag agenda; but once again, you can do much better w/ Chloe’s Paraty bag or Heloise tote.

  • LeighKamira

    Are you broads insane GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS

  • MyHoneyCJ

    I’ll stick with all my Coach bags/shoes (hats, scarves, etc.) they’re beautiful, very well made, and more reasonably priced than the bag shown above (which I don’t really like anyway.) LOL

  • Andie

    I love this bag especially in Grenat or Cognac color
    Very beautiful IRL
    Its price’s actually cheaper than Proenza PS1 Python and Chloe’ Paraty Python ^^
    Welcome back!

  • John

    The bags looks so clunky and heavy. Maybe in a brighter color. But it’s really nothing special. :)

  • fangfang123
  • Chi

    what a boring handbag .. in my opinion!


  • Assiya

    I like it very much, but find it is overpriced (fb)

  • Gelynn

    I’m sure it’s a great bag but I wouldn’t buy it. (fb)

  • Mary Music

    I live in the Western States; The Chloe Silverado handbag is great with high style boots, matching Chloe Silverado belt, starched white shirt w/ jeans and expensive Indian jewelry….I wore this combination at the Sundance Film Festival—-TOTAL SHOWSTOPPER OUTFIT….! As with all fashion; appropriate time, location, and event. Manolo Blanik’s sandals would look silly at an Idaho spa; Chloe Silverado is not East Coast—–everything in its place!

    • Another Fad

      Well said!

  • Deb

    i remember wanting this bag when it first came out, but i never ended up buying it. now when i think about it its probably a good thing. (fb)

  • Maria

    still like it…not as iconic as the Paddington, though! I’ve had two of those, great bags! (fb)

  • Elyse

    Really, Chloe? It just doesn’t hold my attention at all. I’ve seen much better from the line. (fb)

  • Eric

    i am not really into snake skin items, i find it difficult to pull off..(fb)

  • Deborah Curran

    I love the shape and style of this bag. (FB)

  • Jocelyn

    It looks really blah.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    dont like the leather snakey fabric/texture, or whatever it is ;P (fb)

    • Another Fad

      It’s called ‘python’ in real snakeskin…not fabric nor embossed/fake texturized leather…It is considered an exotic like croc or alligator, ostrich, ray or eel, etc. Python is very thin and delicate and can’t be sold within state of California. This is only one variation in color, snakeskin pattern and style made from 2005-2010 by Chloe’. It was considered the “It Bag” then and worn by many young celebrities.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    too short and squatty (fb)

  • yesimonit

    I recently visited the new Chloe location in LA on Melrose Place, and surprisingly they had this bag. I think this bag fits the Chloe girl that is in love with her carefree lifestyle much like the horse she adores.

    • Another Fad

      I love the Silverado! It’s a nice easy-going look to wear with jeans or something casual! Every handbag has it’s niche and this is a nice country-causal look! It sold out at Sak’s and many celebrities carried this bag back in 2005-2010. Not too deep of handbag so I don’t need to wear a miners helmet to find what I’m looking for inside my bag! There are tons of variations too…color & styling! THings in 2015 have gone super plain & personalityless.