Chloe Messenger Bag

Cross-body style messenger bags have always been a huge love of mine. The hands free option is always a plus and after a few minutes you forget that you even have a bag slung across your body. But there are some major drawbacks when it comes to cross-body messenger bags. How and where does the strap hit? No need for the overly split up chest.

I have been eying the Chloe Messenger Bag since it popped up online and finally decided to share it with you. Though my thoughts on this bag will not be sealed until I see it in person and actually try it on. If it splits my chest in an odd misshapen two-oranges kind of way, I am totally over this bag. But let me get back to what this bag offers. There is a cream and dark version, one slightly larger than the next. There are three gold-tone chain shoulder straps. Another foreseeable problem is the mark the chains will leave on your shoulder or arm (this happens to many with their Chanel bags). There are two pockets at the front and a long zip across the top. Love it or leave it? Buy through Net A Porter for $1695 or $1960.

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  • dimon

    I use messenger bags a lot but I think they look best when they hit at the lowest part of the hip/upper thigh area. The bag should not add weight to the person or have a cross your heart bra effect. If worn more on the front of the body for easy access and safety it can be very flattering and practical as a dark strap can give a boyish shape the illusion of curves and a slimmer waist (really!) I don’t think rigid leather or exotic skins work with a messenger style. The look should be slouchy, fancy free and young. A typical style in Paris right now would be a very close fitting soft leather jacket and a Zadig and Voltaire style washed leather messenger or shoulder bag with skinny or wide-leg jeans or trousers.

  • Sounds like you could dress me up nicely dimon!

  • Jan

    Not diggin’ it…

  • Anilu Magloire

    Not a fan either. The shape is weird and contrived.

  • Lucky Garnett

    I tried it on at Bloomingdale’s over the weekend. I liked it upon first sight but… The chains on the strap gets tangled up as you put it on and take it off and I was afraid my past-shoulder-length hair was going to get caught in it. Also the zipper is hard to open and close because of the slight dip in the middle. Definitely leave it.

  • Merve

    Im not sure how that weird u shape will look as a messenger.

  • jburgh

    Ewww, leave it. The YSL messenger is so much more attractive and comfortable to wear.

  • shorty

    nooo waaaay!

  • daisyjane

    Not a fan of this at all. The shape is too weird. It’s a shoulder bag trying to be a messenger bag. And it doesn’t succeed.

  • dyjann

    yeah, i think it’s awful looking. Doesn’t look practical either.

  • vicky

    love it………

  • Jehn

    This bag looks cute, but on a recent visit to Neiman Marcus I discovered it true beauty! This bag is absolutely amazing and makes any outfit just a little better!

  • Leila

    This bag is called the MILTON. It’s in 3 different sizes in various colors at the Chloe outlet store at Woodbury Common for less than half off retail!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    these look weird, almost like medical porn (fb)

  • BeautifulBasics

    I saw this Chloe Milton Bag in person at Nordstrom’s the other day and feel in love! It’s really beautiful on the shoulder and the chains at a luxurious touch.