I never really realized it until now, but I’ve always associated Chloé with bags made of thick, matte leather. That’s more or less been the brand’s modus operandi since the the Chloe Paddington came on the scene back in ’04. Lately, though, a bit of aesthetic change is afoot, and that’s clear with the Chloé Darla Shoulder Bag.

The departure isn’t enormous, for sure, but going glossy is something of a noticeable change in direction. Plus, the last time I picked up a Chloé bag in a department store, I didn’t topple over under its weight, and that was also something of a first. So, change: good or bad? Let’s discuss.

Naturally, there are a few things here that aren’t unfamiliar to fans of the brand: weathered gold hardware, a great neutral color (Chloé makes the best tans and browns in the business) and a shape and feel evocative of a bygone (but not too bygone) era. This is definitely a Chloé bag, but with some particular modifications that we’ll likely see in even more bags going forward.

One of the biggest trends for fall is 60s-era tailored bags, and a glossy finish fits that aesthetic to a T. Since Chloé it known for the vintage-feeling bags, it only makes sense that with a couple slight alterations, their normal look would fit fall’s retro feel perfectly. This bag isn’t my style, but if your look is a little more Jane Birkin than Joy Division (ahem), it might be a perfect fit. Buy through Saks for $1995.

Perfectly Pink

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