Celebs Love Chanel and Chloé Bags, but a New Alexander Wang Style is Gaining Traction

There’s no mistaking where celebrity affections lie this week, but we’re probably more interested in a couple of new styles that have only just recently piqued celeb interest. One of those styles is the Alexander Wang Attica Bag, and the other is a boxy little mystery bag we can’t identify. Fortunately, we can always depend on our fabulous, extremely sophisticated readers for an assist.

Chrissy Teigen
Chloé Drew Wallet
$595 via Neiman Marcus

Chrissy Teigen recently carried this cute bicolor Chloé Drew Wallet while out on the town with her hubs John Legend in NYC. Ladies, it might be time to dig your sweater dresses out of the back of your closet, if you haven’t already.


Jennifer Aniston
Chanel Classic Flap Bag
$2,981 via Vestiaire Collective

Here’s Jennifer Aniston doing a little shopping with Justin Theroux in NYC. She’s carrying a classic black Chanel Classic Flap Bag.


Kate Bosworth
Alexander Wang Attica Bag
$850 via Net-a-Porter

Kate Bosworth was recently spotted leaving her NYC hotel with a new black leather Alexander Wang Attica Bag. We’re quite partial to this style around the PB office, and Amanda even included it in her personal Fall 2016 fashion wish list.


Lisa Vanderpump
Chanel Boy Bag
$4,688 via Vestiaire Collective

Lisa Vanderpump brought this gorgeous pink metallic Chanel Boy Bag (and new cast member Dorit Kemsley) to Kyle Richards’ party. And look, it just happens to perfectly match that giant bucket of roses she just happens to be carrying!


Chloé Drew Bag
$2,090 via Saks

Lorde has been a Chloé fan for some time; in fact, I’m not sure we’ve actually seen her carry anything else. She recently carried this pebbled black leather Chloé Drew Bag during an outing with friends to the Waverly Inn. We know that she has a few Drews in her handbag arsenal.


Lucy Liu
Goyard St. Louis Tote

Here’s Lucy Liu, leaving an appearance on Extra with a baby blue Goyard St. Louis Tote with custom motifs.


Lupita Nyong’o

The handbags that Lupita has carried on this press tour have all been pretty top-notch, but we can’t seem to ID this boxy black top handle that she recently carried into an appearance on Colbert. Can any of you ID this one? We’re pretty stumped.


Melanie Griffith
Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch
$775 via Louis Vuitton

Paps spotted Melanie Griffith, grabbing coffee at Alfred in LA while carrying a dainty Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch. Melanie is apparently a regular on the ridiculously popular CBS procedural Hawaii Five-O.



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7 years ago

Lucy Liu looks really good! I wonder if Goyard has a bag that’s an equivalent of the Eva clutch. I need one of those

7 years ago
Reply to  missarewa

Agree, she looks great. They very well may carry something similar but since the company chooses to be so “exclusive” and won’t offer any online browsing of their line, it’s pretty difficult to know what’s out there. (unless you live in or visit a city that has a goyard boutique). Even then, who wants to go in and deal with snobby SA’s when your trying to browses items and prices?
that’s a huge turn off for me so I avoid their brand all together.

7 years ago

Lupita is carrying a Hayward bag. It’s called the Booth Satchel.

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Melanie, you could do better than LV!


7 years ago

Lucy Liu looks awesome. I think the bright blue goyard is my favorite.. fresh and fun!!

7 years ago

very beautiful