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  • GivenchyLover

    Love this bag. It’s crept up on me too, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Chloe’s back for me, what with the Drew and now the Faye, which I also really like. I just ordered the small Drew in cement pink. BTW, I don’t love the medium size of the Drew, which has a leather strap. It’s much more delicate and feminine with the chain strap that the small and mini sizes have.

    • Yes, the chain strap is so much better on this bag! Let us know when you get the bag and if you like it :)

      • GivenchyLover

        Definitely. I think it’s waiting at home for me as I type :)

      • GivenchyLover

        I just got the bag, and I absolutely love it. It’s even prettier in person than the pictures show. And the metal hardware is to die for. It’s great for a casual day, an evening out, or even work depending on the outfit you wear with it. I usually like bigger bags than this, but the small Drew fits my phone, big wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, keys, and then some. It’s a keeper.

  • Aoedele

    Love the perforated and #6.

  • anon

    Stop posting about this bag! It’s making me like it more and more and I don’t want to add it to an already long bag want it list!>:)

    • HAHA! When I first started reading your response, I was like hum she feels strongly, then it made me LOL!

  • debs

    I got the medium black drew for the holidays and love it! It’s super comfortable with the leather strap, fits a good amount, and does not have a “trendy” look to it.

  • Sofia

    I don’t really like this bag. It looks like something you would see at Aldo.

  • kemilia

    So not my kind of bag, very fussy looking with the little chain in front.

  • louch

    I have struggled to embrace Chloe for a while now too (but LOVE their shoes – anyone seen the scalloped ballerina flats this season??). This is a lovely, refreshing change from their heavier bags which I think has dominated the brand for too long. I really like the leopard print – with the gold HW it looks classy and sophisticated.

  • Dylan

    The strap bothers me….
    Would it not just unravel?

    • Let’s hope not! I haven’t really tried one out, so if I can do that and then report back, I def will

    • Mya Wilkes

      I don’t think so. I think it was designed to look like it was knotted, not sure it actually is.

      • Dylan

        Oh okay I see what you mean. It just looks odd to me, I suppose. Loving the Chloé Baylee bag, though! Seems like a great summer tote

  • FashionableLena

    I like the perforated, leopard, and the two-toned. However, they look a little cheap and remind of this round bag that I saw from Rebecca Minkoff from a couple of years ago. Also, for some reason, the way that the chain is attached bothers me.

  • Yoshi1296

    Hey Megs!! I am SO GLAD you just did a review on this bag!! I just posted a reveal on The Purseforum! I got the red and I love it.

  • Mya Wilkes

    I love it too and tried it on in the store, it was even more beautiful! I remember Amanda predicting it was going to be a popular bag and I believe its happening.

  • Cami

    Le Dix and Drew have been my obsession of a couple seasons now. I first saw this one on Rosie HW at Coachella last year. Anything she wears I immediately love and this was no exception! The bag has a peculiarity and it’s that it looks good in all the colors I’ve seen it in during the past few seasons, I can’t say that about many bags myself! I’d collect them if I could.

  • Jess

    I instantly liked the design of the Drew and it makes me wanna have it. Though, I fear it is a fad. I don’t see me wearing this bag in years to come.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I have the Drew small in cherry blossom pink. It’s lovely, but very impractical for me. It’s very small and I find it hard to get in and out of. Also, the long chain shoulder strap tends to slip off my shoulder a lot. Truthfully, I love my Marcie’s a lot more than my Drew. I know the Marcie’s are kind of dated, but, for me, they are more practical and so comfortable to wear.

  • twirler

    I’m currently saving for the Faye. out of all my bags, my Chloe Paraty is by far the best quality. I’ve been converted into such a Chloe fan!

  • Gina

    I took the plunge and bought this (in blush) and am absolutely loving it! https://www.net-a-porter.com/be/en/d/Shop/Bags/All?designerfilter=122&cm_sp=topnav-_-bags-_-chlo%C3%A9&pn=1&npp=60&image_view=product&dScroll=0&pScroll=163

    I was trying to decide between the small versus the medium size and decided to go with the medium version. The small one is too small to fit a long wallet. The medium one can fit my long wallet, ipad mini and a few more. It looks super compact and nope, the stripe dont unravel.

  • Guest

    I am having a hard time deciding whether this will be my next bag or not. I guess I need to try it in person to decide. I like the two tone one in sand, and am very tempted to buy it when I go to Paris next month, but my hubby said it’s not that pretty, and my hubby is not the kind of guys who have no fashion sense, that’s why I am torn….I also wonder how comfortable the chain strap is for the small size.

  • Nadia Ayoub

    I bought a drew in the yellow gold earlier this week here in Dubai and it was no doubt gorgeous. Two hours into its first use and the gold foil on the front lock started peeling off and it was a shock and horror situation as I saw the gold all peeing off in front of my eyes. I took the bag back to Chloe and they rang today to say that it’ll take a few days for them to get approval for a new bag. They also said that the Paris management was not surprised to hear the complain as they have experienced this with other customers. So is this bag really worth buying? I keep asking myself if it’ll happen again? This happened within four days of purchase hence they’re replacing it – what if it happens after a month next time? I’m not sure if the quality is at par with Chanel or Dior or even LV.

    • How is your drew bag now? Have you gotten it replaced? I know this post is 5 months old lol but I am in the market for a new bag and been wanting Chloe for a while but if it will be peeling on me that I have no interest in spending my money for nothing :( please keep us updated

      • nadsayoub

        Hi Aysha, they did replace the bag and gave me a new one but I don’t think it’s an amazing bag to invest in. I have the medium size and the chain is hard to keep on your shoulders….it tends to roll off specially if you’re wearing anything silky and it’s hard to carry it as a handheld bag. It also gets very heavy if you put just a few things in there and the reason is this chain…it makes your shoulder hurt if there’s a heavy wallet phone etc inside. The front key also doesn’t stay put for long. The colours are gorgeous and the leathers are nice but I definitely wouldn’t advise you to go for the medium size, the small should work better. On the other hand I think the Drew trend is pretty much over! Perhaps consider getting a Diorama clutch with chain as its around the same price and is definitely on the trend right now.

      • Thank you so much for your feedback and review! I was actually interested in the large size with the handles, I’ve tried both and I liked the larger one, I thought of the medium or small size but the chain was always a concern if it’ll stay put or rolls away! Your review is a huge help so thank you again for your time to reply to my post :)

  • Garance

    This looks too much like the Velvetine clasp!! Dont encourage the copy!!
    see the original here!

  • India St Hilaire

    I wonder if anyone can help me, I have the Chloe Drew bag from the picture and the lock doesn’t stay fastened so the flap always comes open, it seems they have changed to locks from the images above, does anyone have any suggestions of what i can do?

  • Arlene Owen

    Does the gold chain fade over time? Debating whether to get the Drew or Faye.

  • Ana

    I love this bag but I almost never buy anything from Chloe because it’s quickly outdated. If I knew I could wear this bag in 5 years is buy it but for me it’s too trendy and resale for out of date Chloe’s aren’t great lol If I was rich I’d have no hesitation and buy one ….or five! Lol