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And some of our favorite styles from last year (and the year before) start to reappear

Gucci, Dior, Prada, Chloé, Gabriela Hearst and a few surprises!

The holidays have celebrities crawling out of the woodworks

Let’s review, shall we?

And even more Kate Bosworth!

Plus: A double dose of Kate Bosworth

Also, Givenchy bags from yesteryear continue to pop up on famous arms

Not to mention their sunglasses game, which was on point this week

Who knows what guides the weekly celeb bag whims, but right now, they’re favoring Céline in particular

We all have our mood swings, but what does one do when one is in a mood, famous, at the airport and fully clad in fire engine red all Gucci everything? Besides bemoan their (admittedly …

One of the most buzzed about shows during New York Fashion Week may not be from a brand you know well, but it’s from a brand you should know. Enter Delpozo, the Spanish heritage label …

There’s no mistaking where celebrity affections lie this week, but we’re probably more interested in a couple of new styles that have only just recently piqued celeb interest. One of those styles is the Alexander …