Alexander Wang has rededicated himself to his eponymous line full-time, and this brand new bag, which feels like a Kelly Bag for the downtown set, is proof he's still got it.

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  • Sara

    Loooove this bag :-)

  • Iris

    this just looks and feels like a Kelly bag (period) is this the best that he could produce with full dedication to the brand-must say I am disappointed.

  • cdawgcoop

    How embarrassing

  • Bruno

    Had I never seen a Kelly I would not mind this, but it’s too close for me.

  • Kate

    Not enough unique details to elevate this above being a blatant Kelly ripoff, I think.

    • Greg J Richards

      I totally agree with you. I hate when designers pull stunts like this ripping off other designers iconic designs.

  • FashionableLena

    Where’s that Alexander Wang edge? That’s the appeal of his bag, and I don’t see it.

  • psny15


  • Nothing but a Kelly is really ‘like’ a Kelly so this is just another copy. Hoping A. Wang doesn’t tow the path of Tory Burch & Michael Kors.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    If you want to be a “Kelly bag” or just look like one. Not buying.

  • anorthwind

    ‘Proof he’s still got it’? What a crock of BS! Must think consumers are blind. That bag looks so commercial- seen it done a million times.