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  • Amanda

    I really like seeing posts with people wearing/using their bags. Sure, companies have websites that showcase the bag, but sometimes I just need to see someone wearing it- be it a celeb, or myself trying it on- to get the idea of what it can look like! I was never super crazy for the Fendi By The Way style- online, the pics just don’t do it justice. It was the bag that caught my eye in this article- and I can’t believe how much I love it styled with the long strap, and not sitting on a shelf!!

    • It looks amazing on Rita Ora right?! I was thinking the exact same thing!

      • Amanda

        And the bag looks so different than it does on the department store site! I couldn’t believe it…and now I’m hooked!

  • Smithy

    Seeing Paris Hilton with a YSL Muse bag is a good reminder why I’m on the wagon with getting caught up in the designer bag world. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice bag. The problem comes in when you can’t really afford these bags and yet you’re sucked into believing that you need a particular one. Before you know it, it’s completely out of style ala Paris’ Muse tote.

    I digress……

    • yuji

      I agree! IMO, being able to afford a bag is not even all of it. A friend recently made a benign comment about a luxury designer purchase of mine, and accidentally made me feel like a complete fish out of water! I have ultimately decided that “treating myself” with vicarious living through pics and youtube is the most I’ll do. My lifestyle is way to simple to excessively adorn with pricey accessories! Nonetheless, keep the pictures coming!

    • Scottsdale Kim

      I would be curious to see how sales are for luxury brands at this time because I think that many feel the same way as you do – me included. I always worked hard to afford the latest and greatest but that was when you could get a nice bag for $2000. Now many are $4000+ and they can quickly become dated looking. I’m just not that excited about spending the money any more.

    • Sparkletastic

      Totally agree. Classic bags you love, actually wear and will want to KEEP are the only way to go. For most of us a multi thousand dollar purchase needs to be a mid to long term purchase. Not a flavor of the month moment.

  • Tiffany

    Nice bags. Am I the only one that thought Hilary Duff was included in this mix….only to find out it was Rita Ora? :S

  • Sophie Proust

    Thank you for including Shonda Rhimes in this roundup!

  • psny15

    shonda rhymes used to make such good shows but boy her shows are horrible now

  • Sara

    If I had Paris’ bag I would still use it. The YSL Muse was a great bag a decade ago and I still love it. Wish I had bought one.

  • Moi

    People still get French manicures?

  • :O

    Shonda is also wearing an Apple Hermes Watch

  • Suzanne

    Really like the color of Rita Ora’s Fendi bag.