Donna Karan Goatskin Loop Pouch I am having one of those moments. I keep staring at the Donna Karan Goatskin Loop Pouch knowing that I have seen something familiar from another designer, knowing that I featured it on Purse Blog previously. For the life of me I can not remember and can not find it when searching. So on a random note, whoever finds what I am talking about gets a virtual cookie!

Back to this Donna Karan pouch. Can I just say that I adore it? Hands free is so integral and having a loop pouch does the trick magnificently. I love the rocker edge given to this bag with the metal zipper. I don’t doubt that the goatskin is amazingly supple as well. Once you slide this on your wrist, you are good to go. Dimensions are 7″W X 8″H X 3″D. I love this design! Come on designers, hop onto the wristlet wagon, it is a fun ride. Buy through Saks for $695.

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  • gpc

    Megs, maybe you were thinking of the Halston clutch?

  • mp

    Halston has something similar

  • Jessica James

    It may have been the Moe Click bag

  • luvhautecouture

    I think Jessica James has it right!

    I think there was a give-away associated with the bag in question because I remember cruising through the bag’s website and finding a “favorite”!

  • Graham

    Halston Henry Suede Clutch
    September 4th, 2009


    Navy Nail Polish Spread

  • Brigette

    I really, really love this!!

  • Diane

    Donna Karan made the same, or a very similar bag out of black leather. It was out summer of 2008. I know .. I bought one! :)

  • Celia

    The metallic zipper won me over — I like the silhouette, but the zipper adds just the right hint of edge. Love it!

  • The Girl in Grey

    Ick this bag is wrong. There are so many better ones out there.

  • Lee

    Hmm I just can’t decide on this bag, I quite like the edgy rock feel with the metalic zip but something about it screams of just following a scene. Slow burner? maybe…

  • Michael St. James
  • JenG

    Love it!

  • Elizabeth (Buffy)

    It was totally a MOE handbag which existed prior to any other of these designer I believe I bought mine almost 4 or 5 years ago. ;-) ahhh so frustrating when I see recycling :-(


    Donna karan goatskin loop pouch.. Ho-o-o-o-t :)