I’ve already got Fashion Week on my mind and one of my favorite things about Fashion Week is bag stalking. Come February, editors, buyers, and miscellaneous cool people alike will be hitting Lincoln Center both wearing and carrying their finest.

I have plenty of handbags in my arsenal, but sometimes an oddly different bag stands out and grabs my attention. This is precisely what this Valentino bag has done to me, lured me in and left me wanting more.

However, I realize not everyone loves the urban jungle feel of this panther-print calf hair tote with serious stud embellishments. Help us out and tell us what you think! Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2,995.

Fill in the Blank: The Valentino Rockstud Panther Print Calf Hair Tote is _______.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Wesley

    I don’t know, the silhouette of this bag just remind me so much of Luggage Tote.

  • Midnight Blue

    Personally it looks like Celine x Burberry x Lady Gaga-esque bag :S

  • lintmag

    Very rockin’ and cool! Plus two fave colors together – black and tan, which go with lots of my wardrobe. It is definitely not going to be my main bag though, so will have to wait for a big sale.

  • mm

    so Cleopatra

  • bf

    Celine tote goes Hard Rock!!!

  • Evonne

    Celine in e zoo

  • emcooper

    Amazing-a piece of art.

  • rose60610

    …a work of art but too outlandish for me.

  • Stella_r

    is funky but super chic all at the same time. LOVE!

  • Silversun

    Awesome if you can carry it off. I think with a bag like this one, you’d really have to make it the centrepiece of your outfit!

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  • Rashida

    Valentino is usually known for being original, but the shape is too much a knockoff for me… Sorry. And I am not a fan of the print. I think it is cheesy.

  • mochababe73

    cartoonish. It reminds me of when I used to watch Thundercats as a kid.
    If it were an animal print (leopard, cheetah, zebra, giraffe) calf-hair and the sides were tucked in, I would love it.

  • Papertiger

    My jaw just dropped. This is a classic Valentino panther print that goes back more than 40 years – I wish they had left the studs off but it’s still AMAZING.

  • lintmag

    I agree, Papertiger, it would have been much better without the studs on this one.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Valentino does not do ROCKER very well, the bag being too lady like overall even with the studs – they should realize how to update the silhouette of their accessories and take them out of the lady’s court. The panther is cool, but the Celine luggage side pull-outs are bothersome to the eye. The studs alone do not justify this being dubbed a ‘rocker’ bag – true rocker bags are slouchy with attitude, and do not try hard to own their style category (example: Balenciaga of course!). Valentino is trying too hard. In my opinion this would look good on a wrinkly old woman who just discovered skinny jeans, (starving herself to fit in them), and pretending to be younger than she really is (reading UrbanDictionary.com on a daily basis in an attempt to catch up with society).

  • mga13

    I think the print is very interesting and classic Valentino, I love it!
    Here is another tote with the same print and without the studs: http://store.valentino.com/VALENTINO%20GARAVANI/detail/tskay/B60ACEA7/cod10/45167705NK
    And the clutch: http://store.valentino.com/VALENTINO%20GARAVANI/detail/tskay/B60ACEA7/cod10/45169573SC

  • Bir

    I adore it because this print takes me back to the years valentino was valentino this print is from the 60s and I just love it I so want this bag and if it came in the original color way of green and black I think I would just ……..well as you can see I love it !!!!!!! And I’m happy that they are finally visiting the archives a bit more !!!!

  • J Umm

    butt ugly

  • Stephanie

    I agree with cheesy and butt ugly! Who would carry it?

  • Demi

    …nothing I’d go and buy.

  • Lulu

    Not my type,..I can see my aunt wearing it though. I got the plain large black one which I luv <3

  • Anita

    not bad.

  • Susanne

    a nasty knock-off. Shame on you, Valentino.

  • ColoradoLady

    I got this bag after it was marked down 40%.  I had not seen it in person, only online.  Trust me, this bag is TDF!  The supple skin is yummy and the quality is superb.  I consider myself fashion forward and a bit edgey and this bag is just perfect!  Studs and all!

  • INSANE! Reminds me of my vintage Cavalli bag that I love :) check it out