I’ve never liked admitting when I’m wrong about something, but when that something turns out to be a thing I enjoy that I had originally hated, that softens the blow a little bit. When it comes to handbags, the first things on that list are the Valentino Rockstud Bags. (more…)

When Valentino puts out some kind of specialized version of its wildly popular Rockstud bags, shoppers work themselves into a lather. The seasonal lines, like all-black and crystal-covered camo, sell out without fail, and if you wait too long or waste time praying for a sale, you’re generally out of luck. If that was the case for you when the all-red Valentino Rockstud Rouge bags came out several seasons ago, it looks like your luck has changed. (more…)

Valentino Rockstud Thong Sandal $295 via Nordstrom, Valentino Rockstud Crossbody Bag $1,495 via Nordstrom (more…)

Valentino is on quite the run. For a brand that didn’t have much in the way of an accessory business as recently as ten years ago, the seemingly endless success of the brand’s Rockstuds and beyond would make an excellent case study for any designer trying to figure out how to capture the hearts and minds of high-end handbag lovers who have tons of options. For Valentino Resort 2015, the brand is at it again.

This collection features tons of Rockstuds in new colors (including shoes, which you can see at TalkShoes), including saturated rainbow stripes and camouflage in new shades. Rockstuds will also be applied to several new shapes, ranging from bucket bags to mini flaps. The brand’s butterfly camo, first introduced for pre-fall, will also continue into spring, as will some of the scarab and gryphon adornments that debuted in Spring 2014.

Bag: Valentino Butterfly Camouflage Easy Tote

Price: $3,395 via Neiman Marcus

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Valentino had incredible success with colorful camouflage bags in seasons past, but for fall, the brand is putting its own ultra-feminine spin on the traditionally masculine concept. Combining those two disparate ideas has long been a strength of the brand, and the layered intricacy of this print is breathtaking on closeup.

Miley Cyrus was recently spotted leaving the 100 Club in London, carrying a Valentino Neon Camouflage Rockstud Tote. I suppose she’s now fully recuperated from exhaustion, or a bad reaction to antibiotics, or whatever they’re blaming her recent hospital stint on this week. You can get a neon pink version of Miley’s bag for $1,545 at Neiman Marcus. I like Miley’s 90s alterna-teen outfit, but an oversized tote really doesn’t seem like the ideal bag choice for clubbing. (I suppose not everyone’s down for my trusty “stuff money and ID in bra” approach.)

Select A-list celebs are crushing hard on Valentino’s Rockstud + camo combo. Katie Holmes actually owns two different Rockstud camo bags, to date. This seems to be Miley’s first Valentino Rockstud acquisition, but you can check out her extensive and extremely decadent handbag collection in “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus”, and its absolutely necessary follow-up post, “The Many Bags of Miley Cyrus, Part II.”

Nicky Hilton recently attended the NYC screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in a Scandinavian springtime-themed dress from Valentino Spring 2014, and she carried a crimson red Valentino Scarab Finger Clutch from the same collection. (Have you noticed that Nicky Hilton gets an invite to every single NYC movie premiere? I have.) This exact version of Nicky’s clutch is scarce, but you can purchase the black “Gryphon” version for $1,595 at Nordstrom. You can view most of Nicky’s highly covetable bag collection in “The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton.”

In related news, you might notice that some of Coach’s bags from Fall 2014 collection bear some fringe-y similarities to the Valentino Scarab Finger Clutch from Spring 2014. I’m clearly late to the game on this, but it seems fringe is suddenly BACK with a vengeance. Seeing fashion trends from the mid-aughts reappear on the runways always pumps me with both nostalgia and existential dread. I really shouldn’t have these sorts of emotional attachments to fringe.

Here’s Katie Holmes, walking to the Dangerous Liaisons pilot set in NYC with her Valentino Camouflage Rockstud Trapeze Tote. (Yes, Katie Holmes is returning to TV, after nearly a decade! Rejoice!) Katie has a strange affinity for the camo and Rockstud combo, we saw her with the strikingly similar Valentino Rockstud Camo Tote back in January. I think it’s a good look for her – it adds a nice bit of edge to her preppy New Yorker look. You can get a bright blue version of Katie’s bag for $2,445 at Neiman Marcus.

Katie’s new show seems to be a modern day retelling of the Dangerous Liaisons you’re already familiar with. Here’s a brief synopsis, for those not in the know: two French aristocrats (now NYC socialites) are obsessively attracted to one another, but get their real kicks from seducing/manipulating anyone who has the misfortune to land in their path. I’m guessing period clothing will be replaced by a lot of designer fashion in this version. (Which is a WIN for us!)

Here’s everyone’s teenage celebrity sweetheart Elle Fanning, leaving paparazzi-magnet Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills and carrying a precious little Valentino Rockstud Mini Crossbody Bag. This dainty crossbody is the perfect complement to her lacy mini dress and blank ankle boots. (Is it inappropriate to have a girl crush on a 15 year old? Probably.) You can get a Mini in a similar color with fewer studs for $1,495 at Neiman Marcus.

Elle has gotten a lot of attention from designers over the last year, and a fair bit of attention from us as well, owing to her delightful bag choices. Elle is one of four fresh new faces that will star in Miu Miu’s spring campaign, and as we’ve mentioned before, she’ll also star in Disney’s much anticipated Maleficent, playing Aurora/Sleeping Beauty to Angelina Jolie’s infamous archvillain. It might be the most perfectly cast movie ever. You can watch the official trailer here.

We’ve spoken a bit about Valentino’s aggressive love for neons, but the Valentino VaVaVoom Neon Crystal Shoulder Bag may be the clearest indication yet that someone in the brand’s accessories department may have eaten too many magic mushrooms before conceptualizing the Spring 2014 accessories collection. At $3,095 via Net-a-Porter, this bag has a pretty steep price tag for something that skews so youthful. Tell us whether you’d love it or leave it in the comments below. (more…)

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