We’re coming to you live this Friday afternoon with an extra special batch of designer bag deals. Our friends over at Valentino are having a serious sale, with 30% off bags, RTW, and accessories, just in time for the official start of summer on June 21st.

There are plenty of great choices to wear now and beyond, with various choices, so whether you are looking for a novelty bag in raffia or a classic leather carry, there is something for you. We all know that the brand’s iconic Rockstud is here to stay, so you might as well snag it for a steal. Shop the sale here and view our favorites below!

Valentino Roman Stud, Rockstud and more!

Valentino One Stud Bag Valentino One Stud Raffia Crossbody Bag Valentino Rockstud Bucket Bag Valentino Rockstud Spike Chain Bag Valentino Rockstud Spike Chain Wallet Valentino V Logo Wicker Bag Valentino One Stud Bag Green.jog Valentini Roman Stud PVC Bag
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3 months ago

The one stud bags are the only ones I would consider. The small studs are just played out at this point. And that “V” logo hardware is just awful.