After visiting multiple showrooms this past fall the Handbag Trends for Spring 2010 were clear. One of the biggest trends is perforated leather. We saw this being used by Rebecca Minkoff, previewed it with YSL, and Prada is implementing perforated leather for many of their bags.

For Spring 2010 expect to see perforated leather from Prada, to Jimmy Choo, to Burberry, to Bottega Veneta. Prada’s perforated leather has an extremely sporty vibe which is largely due in part to the shape of the bags they are using it on (note the Prada Roll Bag). While Prada’s look is very sporty, we have an array of designers using perforated leather in various ways to give the bags a fresh spring look.

Perforated Leather Bags

One of my favorite from the bunch is the Bottega Veneta Woven-Trim Perforated Hobo, which features perforated ivory leather. From the look of this bag the perforated leather adds a detail that almost appears as if the bag is made of ostrich skin from afar. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $1980.

Jimmy Choo has really done a beautiful job with their perforated leather bags. We have already covered their Martha Perforated Clutch, which infuses perforated leather with smooth leather as well. Then they have the Bree Perforated Nappa Leather Tote along with the Fracine Perforated Leather wallet, both favorites of mine.

JC: Martha Clutch [$1175 via NAP] Bree Perforated Nappa Leather Tote [$1495 via Saks] Francine Wallet [$675 via NAP]

The type of perforation varies by designer. Some are uses larger holes while others are using more uniform small holes. There are also options for bags that only feature perforation in certain spots but not all over. When it comes down to it, adding a perforated leather bag to your collection may be trendy for Spring 2010, but if you choose wisely you may find a bag that works in your collection forever.

Other perforated leather bags include:

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  • sndc99

    I bought a perforated patent leather Kate Spade a few years ago and I love it. I think you wrote a piece about it back than. I like the look and my new boots have perforated tops. It’s a cool style.

  • gpc

    YSL also has the perforated tote and Roady.

    • I didn’t see the perf Roady?! I did write about the perf tote from YSL already though :)

  • @LadyLUX

    I like the top one

  • Lori

    Time to round up an old LV perfo on eBay!

  • mary s

    hermes add perforation to some of there bags ages ago didnt they? a lot of there leather bags and accessories feather the “H” in perfo…

    • alouette

      yep, see the Evelyn bag.

  • mary s

    opps sorry for double posting but LV also has pieces in the perforated leather, not only the seasonal ones but more regular ones like the Mahina bags and accessories as well as some belts.

  • MizzJ

    The Jimmy Choo is edgy and young, but that Prada one you mentioned is just plain ugly!! It looks like a rolled up yoga mat.

  • jonesing

    bally also did some very beautiful perforated pieces for their men’s collection!

  • whatdialike

    all, i wan all the bags!

  • Christina H

    Time to dig out my old, perforated Hogan Guitar Bag from a few years ago!

  • Erin

    Perforated leather bags were very popular last spring too. It can be a cool look if done right, but I’m surprized that the couture fashion houses are doing it again two years in a row. Oh well, that means I can get more use of my Makowsky Cairo chain bag…I was planning on using it this spring anyway!

  • meredith

    this spring marc by marc jacobs perforated bag is great too…

    I plan on getting it in white or black!

  • Lynpett

    Don’t like the look of the perferated bags, but they would be lightweight for Summer.

  • Debbie

    Hmm, interesting. A little perforation for detailing is alright but I wouldn’t want a bag that looks like it is covered in holes. (fb)

  • Ani

    Which one is the top white one in the middle?

    • ad

      from my eye it looks like its from burberry (fb)

  • ad

    urrgghhhh those perforated pradas are bringing sore to my eyes. esp when i saw then in real life. they kinda have the sporty look which i think should best be left into the hands of experts like nike or adidas? why does miu miu have a more fabulous collection than prada?(fb)

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