If you’ve been among the bag lovers bemoaning the trend for tiny, nearly non-functional micro bags, I have some bad news for you: we are nowhere near the end of this trend, and probably won’t be for another year. On the other hand, if you’ve been one of many to snatch up bitty bags like the Fendi Micro Peekaboo, I have some good news for you: Saint Laurent now makes a new size of the Sac De Jour, its tiniest yet.

The Toy Sac de Jour usurps the Nano as the popular bag’s smallest size, and according to LUISAVIAROMA’s product page, it measures in at a sparse 13.5 centimeters wide, or slightly more than 5.3 inches. My iPhone 6 Plus will definitely not fit inside it.


For comparison’s sake, the Nano Sac de Jour is over twice as wide, measuring in at a relatively generous 8.6 inches. The Fendi Micro Peekaboo, which is the current reigning micro bag, is six inches wide, which makes this bag the new champion (of sorts). Unlike the Micro Peekaboo, it doesn’t look like you can use the Toy SDJ as a bag charm on a larger bag, which is too bad; that’s a significant part of the Micro Peekaboo’s charm.

Thankfully, the Toy SDJ has a slightly tinier price to match. You can pick one up for $1,350 via Nordstrom, versus the Peekaboo’s $1,550.

For all the info you could possibly want on the bag’s other sizes, including prices and size comparisons, check out our ultimate guide to the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote.

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  • vb

    Oh no, another one.

  • Gotta love that pink girl! Great handbag.

    XO, Jessi

  • shopper

    that’s just silly…..

  • Gpc

    These are truly an insult to the handbag loving world…

  • kkonaroll

    now i have something to carry the lock clochette in!

  • Olivia

    $1,350… what kind of leather are they using? Is the hardware sterling silver? I honestly can not understand where they can get by with asking that much for something that can not even carry the basic need like A PHONE…

  • AshleyG

    oh my… this is so… stupid, lol! Sorry I couldn’t come up with a more eloquent or clever way to express my feelings about this thousand dollar crossbody keychain… O_o

  • Leechiyong

    I love the micro bag trend. Materials don’t solely account for the cost, stitching and details at this size require adept skill, so don’t think the cost is that unreasonable. Besides, there are clutches that fit much less and cost much more.

    • Sofia

      Agreed. These micro bags are very cute alternatives to clutches.

  • anon

    I was wrong. The Mansur Gavriel stock amount isn’t what’s ridiculous-it’s this. If anything about handbags were to be mocked, it’ll be this.

  • Winn

    1994 me called and needs this.

    • Millerette


  • T.U. A.

    lol why don’t they just sell a piece of teeny-tiny leather for $2000 instead.

  • FashionableLena

    After seeing the micro bags in person, I will admit that they’re cute. Impractical, overpriced, and not functional. But cute.
    My youngest son who is used to me looking at expensive things was appalled at the price of the micro Peek-a-Boo and the Monster charms.

  • Marina

    The over-the-shoulder strap looks much thicker than the handles on the bag itself which creates a bulky feel to the piece. I wouldn’t want this as a gift. I’m hoping Saint Laurent is only mocking the other brands, or maybe it’s just a bad attempt to “fit in”?

  • Maya

    Very cute (and overpriced)! What’s up with the “teeny bag” trend? I tend to go for functional (yes, half of my apartment is in my bag!)….so just enough space for a cell phone and a tampon will not do:)))

    • shopper

      That’s it! They’re tampon holders!!!!
      Now I understand…(!)

  • Kathyjazz

    I think YSL’s Candy bag from last year was even tinier. Almost a necklace lol. Tiny=cute.

  • tim de rosen

    Extremely cute but utterly impractical

  • Dylan Propst

    If the Toy is 5.6 inches and the Nano is 8.3…. How is that twice as wide?

  • fashioncraver

    you can actually remove the strap and attach a chain like the louis vuitton chain extender and use it as a bag charm.

  • Dwightinha

    Just another feed on our weakness for bags with high standings in the world of high-end brands. This is to me just another inconvenient, but oh so ridiculously expensive, wallet with a strap.

  • Giselle

    A purse for Barbie! I’m sure craftsmanship is amazing. I had a tiny Gucci Boston bag charm, stitching was perfect, it was even lined with leather.

  • TeresaBCruz

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  • Olivia J.

    Yeah, I think you can fit one tampon in here. Or a pack of gum or a mini deodorant? But I like pink a lot and Saint Laurent so I find it super cute, and also find it to be an extreme waste of money.

  • TerrenceACaraballo


  • TerrenceACaraballo

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  • L.O.

    This type of bag appeals to the young Asian client. Small, cute, trendy being the key here, and the ” if my friend has it then I have to get it bag. ” only problem, someone’s gotta buy it first.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I think some are gonna start eating the rich again.

  • ElizabethB

    I love Saint Laurent but, I find this bag a little impractical. It looks like it should be on a doll or something. How are you suppose to carry anything in it? I’m all down for carrying just what you need but, it looks like it wont even fit a phone, a key and a few cards…As long as people have money and because it is also Saint Laurent I’m sure it will sell just fine! For me tho I would rather spend a little more and get the bigger version of the Sac de Jour Tote so I wouldn’t have to have a second purse with me to carry everything that one can’t.

  • LC

    whoa. it is really TINY. lol

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  • emily

    It’d make a good clutch of sorts I guess, they never fit anything in them lol.