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  • Y Ajayi

    Mini bags, full sized pricing :)

  • nan

    I won’t be paying a maxi price for a mini bag !

  • Sofia

    Not as cute as the last round of micro bags

  • Love the Gucci, but at that price point I might as well get the bigger one

  • FashionableLena

    These are cute but just not for me. Missarewa is correct. You can get a full sized Gucci for the price of that mini and in leather!

  • kindled

    Haha, Nordstrom on the SDJ: 5 ½”W x 4 ¼”H x 2 ¾”D. (Interior capacity: small.)

  • Lori

    On Monday around noon I bought the Chloe Marcie in the small size, took it back around 3pm and got the larger bag. The small one was so cute, but I felt like carrying even the most minimum amount of items would be a huge hassle. And i am only talking cell phone, keys, small card wallet and some concealer/lipgloss. Once I got it all in there it was so stacked on itself, I had to take items out just to reach everything. So for me, the tiny bags would only be for evening and are just not practical for regular use. But I love how darling they are. I would buy them all just for fun if I could afford it!

    • Fashdash

      Ha!I have the opposite issue, I have the med and now I’m coveting the small Marcie;)

  • Cbl

    Damn you, shrink ray gun! *shaking fist in the air*

    • Millerette

      Love this lol

  • kristin

    What about subverting the dominant paradigm? The mini Loewe would make a beautiful potpourri sachet. Wear a teensy Sac over each hand and you’ve got a very chic pair of oven mitts for only slightly over $2.5k. Flower pots, flasks, pouches for gold doubloons, etc.

  • Jerri R

    Lemme borrow that ray gun for a sec for my tummy and thighs.

  • shopper

    The prices…..

  • thefinchster

    I have a Kate Spade Mini Maise and that’s the smallest I’ll go. For awhile I was debating over the Mini Rockie, but eventually decided the Rockie has a longer lasting power. Although I love my KS and micro bags are adorable, I’m pretty tired of seeing them and most recently I purchased a Rebecca Minkoff Palo Alto crossbody (exactly the same as the discontinued Mac Daddy). It’s huge on me but so refreshing to look at, and actually useful.

  • Stephanie

    This is a pure and simple money grab by the luxury conglamorates.

  • Elisa

    Very hard to see that they are mini because they look identical to their full-size versions. Love the Ferragamo ! My mother used to wear Ferragamos exclusively. It’s nice to see the bags paying homage to those little bow flats.

  • I think the shrink ray missed the price tag ????