If you were hoping that military chic was going to go the way of the dodo bird sometime soon, well, prepare to be disappointed. Prada’s fall collection just started trickling out to online retailers, and the most obvious element of the line so far is its use of camouflage. Whether this is good or bad probably depends on your feelings about military chic, but despite being a fan of the trend, I’m not entirely convinced.

I’ve always been of the opinion that camouflage is best left for actual troops and No Limit Soldiers only (ok, I admit that joke would have been funnier a few years ago, but I’ve been waiting forever for the right opportunity to use it and the waning cultural relevance of a particular hip hop crew is not going to stop me now) and I like my military-inspired looks to be more vintage-inspired than Iraq-inspired. With the Prada Large Saffiano Camouflage Tote, it appears that Miuccia does not agree with me.

Prada isn’t the first brand to recently go this route for accessories – Louis Vuitton did a Murakami pop-art interpretation of the pattern called Monogramouflage a couple of season ago, but Prada’s version is predictably more grown-up and streamlined.

I can’t help but think, though, that this take on military inspiration marks a missed opportunity – I’d love to see Prada’s interpretations of the officers’ uniforms from times past, when military dress had a sense of fashion and presentation. With Prada’s predilection for austerity and modernism, I think those bags would have been far more interesting than the camo tote that we see here. Buy through Saks for $2495.

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  • JenG

    Love the bag, don’t love the price!

  • Graciella

    I actually like the shape of this bag, but the camouflage pattern ruins it for me.

  • MAX

    I like the shape & the pattern but lol the price is funny. I have to say LV is way better when it comes to camouflage, but i also like this one BUT i’m not RICH T^T

  • Jan

    Not my bag…who wants to be carrying around a military reminder. I hope the rest of the collection is better than this.

  • Mit

    i agree with you.. what happen to prada’s collection for this season. The color, the shape and the price totally not worth in my opinion

  • 19yearslater

    I agree- I feel the camouflage is best for the actual Army but I don’t mind wearing vintage army-inspired clothing. I’m not loving this bag.

  • CR

    Amanda, you are so negative! Camo is cool and there are some other bags with camo that prada has coming out and they are hot!

  • !!!



      Literally, I’ve been waiting years for the right moment.

  • Tahnee

    Eh, not my cup of tea…

  • ela

    is this really prada?
    eww :( SORRY.

  • James

    The designers are talking up military big time for fall 2010. IMO, Camouflage is just for the trenches and GI Jane doesn’t give a flying fig about dragging a designer bag around with her. Sure the kids like it too but how many can afford this! This bag is purely window dressing, consumers will likely interpret the color khaki green as a fashion color (solid) and leave the designer camo for Lady Gaga and other attention seekers. If you spill something on it however, who could tell??

  • Valentina

    Though I’ve never been into camouflage I loved/love the military trend, and I really like this bag, the shape is great, the price not so much, and even though it is camouflage printed, I think the colors are ok and it makes it kind of subtle. I’m not mad about the bag, but I like it.

  • Mary


  • Sofia Nolan

    maybe my husband would find this interesting :)

  • Jane

    I am a fan of certain aspects of the military chic phase. I like Alexander McQueen heels you posted about on the talkshoes blog. Other aspects I like are buckles, belts, buttons, and colors of the military. I don’t have ever like camo it is like you said best left to the troops to wear. I am not loving this bag at all. No thanks Prada

  • mochababe73

    Looks cheap. I could probably find one at wal-mart if I shopped there.

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    If this is what Prada can offer, I still prefer My SofiSmart Handbags. This Prada is a fashion disaster!!!!. Choose SofiSmart! better Price! better design and I’m sure our quality is surpassing this one!! You don’t need to pay for a name!

  • krissy

    prada also has a small camo clutch I bought at Neiman’s… I love it.

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  • Boho

    Ok, anyone who doesn’t get this…well, I can’t even begin to criticize someone who doesn’t get it to begin with. It’s important on many levels. I bought one of the hip chain wallets and I am in love. I might get the messenger bag. Elton John bought two of the full size suitcases, and he’s been a fashion icon long before Gaga. Most importantly, when she turns a corner, the rest of the world is usually knocking get off for the next several years. She single-handedly brought back plaid two years ago, and everyone is just now wearing plaid. You don’t have to love her, but you can’t deny she’s a genius. Every piece of Prada I’ve bought has gotten looks, comments, and envy from everone I know, whether it’s subtle or audacious. No one can touch her.

  • Lilyellelc

    Does anyone know where I can get the prada snakeskin bag? It looks like grey lace with snakeskin background. Was it from fall 2011? How much was it?