Not too long ago, I wrote about a neoprene Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag on PurseBlog Savvy that I absolutely love, and I explained exactly why I think that neoprene is a cool material bags. I still think that’s absolutely true, and I still love the bag, but I just don’t know if I can justify to myself spending $350 for a bag that’s not leather.

The Gucci Techno Horsebit Large Tote, also made mostly out of neoprene, has put the price of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag in stark perspective. And, in it’s own way, it’s made me more likely to spend money it.

Gucci Techno Horsebit Large Tote

This bag is cool and a bit futuristic while still being obviously Gucci, and I still love the collection from which it came – it was the brand’s best since the exodus of Tom Ford. The design is successful, if a bit busy. But there’s something we need to talk about.

It’s the price. The price. This bag has a bit of leather, but it’s made largely out of the relatively inexpensive neoprene. It’s a runway look, so one can assume that they bumped it up a bit in price as a result, but $2,790 for a bag that’s not all leather (not even close) is something that I cannot abide. Surely someone will, but all it does is make me appreciate the eminently reasonable MbMJ price point all the more. Buy through Saks for $2790.

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  • Merve

    I’ll admit for the first time in a while i want to own a Gucci bag but the price is ridiculous. I mean totally ridiculous. 3k for rubber? Its right there with the Balmain jacket.

  • Cynthia

    I agree. The price is beyond my comprehension. It makes me wonder what our breaking point will be for handbags. I used to believe that anything over $1,000 was insane, and now I’ve become desensitized to the prices out there, and anything under $1,000 now seems “inexpensive”, relatively speaking. Prices just keep marching upwards, and many of us have just become used to it. But I draw the line on a $3,000 neoprene bag. And this one is just trying way to hard!

  • susan

    No thank you.

  • papertiger

    Gucci has better bag to spend this amount of money on this season.

  • whatdialike

    it’s not the better bag of Gucci.

  • gpc

    The techno horsebit hobo is TDF. All leather (white and black), and around the same price, which is still OUCH!

  • Chris

    The bag is too busy. I do not like it. And a white winter handbag is not the most practical either. And the price is ridiculous.

  • Jane

    no thank you ugly tote and ugly price.

  • voguelande/com

    It’s ugly. I do not like it! It’s not worth that much. More people will buy this Gucci bag if it only costs $279

    voguelande dot com designer handbags.

  • Beth

    Setting aside the issues of neoprene and of price, this bag is just FUGLY. It looks like they took a white bag and asked 11 different people to add one detail… and then slapped every one of those details on the bag. Then they popped a huge price sticker on it and ran away (laughing?)

  • Sarah

    The bag is gorgeous, and I am considering getting it, but the price is too much for what your getting.

  • a.J.

    I’m a GUCCI girl, but it’s a bit busy for me… and white is just realllllly not practical for that price.

  • liveeka

    so gaga!

  • Elyse

    I generally like gucci and what they do with the horsebit – but this is just rubbing me the wrong way (fb)

  • beanyce126

    ill pass on this item, it just seems too techno for me. (ipad)