Gucci Large Boston Bag

After my first year of Girl Scouts (yes, I was a Girl Scout- Troop 76), we got to take an end of the year trip to go horse back riding. I was ecstatic. But a few little problems arose. First, my horse was by far the biggest horse out there since I was very tall. Secondly, my over-powering horse decided to get spooked and scared all the other horses- which in turn bucked some of the girls off of their horses. And thirdly, I was allergic to that sucker. But nevertheless, I loved the experience. I wanted my own horsey, like most little girls, and I would not give up on bugging my dad about getting one. I never did get that horse. I’m still a little bitter to this day. But since I never got that pony, I will allow my father to make it up to me by buying me this Gucci Large Boston Bag.

This fall bag by Gucci is absolutely gorgeous. The bag is beige horsebit velvet with violet/mandarin/violet signature web and buckle detail. The horsebit detail in the velvet really makes the beauty of the bag’s design stand out and grab attention. The dimensions are 11″H x 16″W x 5 1/2″D. Being a Gucci bag, the price is of course a bit high. This bag runs for $1,990.00 through Neiman Marcus (pre-order).

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  • Zippy

    What a grand bag! I can see it working for a few good seasons in the country. It doesn’t strike me as city wear.

  • billyjoe

    uggghhh…purple, orange, and brown?!

  • cork

    great business bag why bring unhomey bags on a busness trip

  • lmpsola

    I have one of those, and let me tell you it is beautiful! The colors are just right.

  • mariah

    talk about fashion!
    gucci, oh my gosh the best of the best!
    i mean so cute, i’d like to walk around with one of those all day!

  • vixen

    I can see me in a pair of dark-wash jeans carrying that bag around everywhere, recieving compliments. How promising.

  • lori d

    eh….it’s cute enough but nothing amazing

  • Janie

    You people are disgusting! They skinned a pony for that purse you retards. Oh wow! why doesnt gucci kill an exotic animal, keep its head and legs there, cleanout the inside, attach a safty pin to secure it together…use the tails as a handle and walllah! You have a new gucci bag. Slap a ridiculously price tag on it, and take it to saks, where allthe stupid followers go and gap at useless purses.Buy a dior without the dead animal hunnie, that gucci’s disgusting.

  • Janie- You are sadly mistaken! This bag was def not made from or of a horse. ‘Horsebit’ denotes the season’s style by Gucci. The bag is made from velvet!

  • Linda

    WHO CARES! That purse is UGG!! The only reason you people like it, is because it says GUCCI everywhere…err all those G’s everywhere is OUT. It was so…how many years ago!

  • marc e. marc

    so bland looking. looks like something you can find in a reject 80% clearance final-sales box collecting dust at the back of a goodwill 2nd hand store (yea, jcpenney has better stuff than this). :(

  • don ed hardy

    Amazing post. Apparently just eating the things that are good for you just isn’t enough anymore.

  • Loune

    Keep up the fantastic work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future. I think it will be also nice if you add “send to email” tool so people can forward the articles to their friends easily.

  • Naggy

    This is not so bad, and I kinda get the impression of the inside of a castle when I look at this bag. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like the purple and the orange, but I do like the style of the bag! (ipad)

  • Andi

    I want this bag! Does anyone want to sell it to me?