Have you ever seen a bag in person, talked yourself out of buying it and then obsessed over it for months on end afterward, at which point it has become sold out and you can no longer get it? That’s the tragic story of me and the Celine Boston Tote.

I thought I had successfully put the bag out of my mind, but after seeing Leighton Meester carry hers two weeks ago and Tommy Ton’s great photos of Celine bags on Jak & Jil Blog (from whence the above picture came), my obsession is back to full power and it shows no signs of abating.

The bag is just…perfect. Oversized and attention-getting without being overworked or over-designed, classic but modern, graphic in its details but simple in shape. I’ve yet to see a color combination that I wouldn’t be proud to add to my closet, but the bicolor blue version in this photo has my heart the most. I don’t even like blue bags. How did Phoebe Philo manage to make me like blue?

My love for this bag defies both logic and budget, but the more I look at women carrying the Celine Boston Tote, the more I want to join their ranks. Depending on color combinations, the bag ranges from around $1800-$2500, and it’s sold out virtually everywhere. For more lovely pictures of women who are lucky enough to already have one, visit Jak & Jill Blog.

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  • seejayluvsbags

    I love this bag! I saw it a couple of months ago in Nordstrom and didn’t want to part with the asking price so I bought a different Celine bag in a beautiful tomato red but I STILL want this bag. The blue is amazing…..

  • michelle ( another one)

    This has to be the deepest blue I have ever seen. This bag is beautiful but I guess if you are going to wear it , you need a lot of black, grays or neutral in your wardrobe.

    • I wear a ton of black and grey, so it would have been perfect for me.

      Sigh. If it’s meant to be, it will be, and I will find it again.

      • Sophie

        It will be… I wish you will find her. A lovely bag, BTW. I own a few Celine bags, they seem getting it right each season.

      • fashionguy85


        I’m pretty sure i can locate this bag for you. i work for a retailer that sells them and i just had it in my hands litterally 2 weeks ago. let me know if you would like me to search for you ASAP.

      • Oh really? The blue one above? I’m going to have to do some math. Email me at amanda at purseblog dot com :-)

      • shelly

        HI Amanda!

        I came across the purseblog as i am planning on selling the Celine Luggage bag that my boyfriend purchased for me earlier this year. It is the electric blue python suede mini luggage and i would like to sell as i recently just purchased the gorgeous brown python.

        If you know anyone that would like to buy please let me know! The bag is brand new and comes with authenticity card and original box.

  • mochababe73

    I love the color, but I much prefer the shoulder bags. The bulging on the side is what is a turn off for me. Believe it or not, I think that there’s too much going on.

  • gpc

    I thought I was enamored with this and considered purchasing, until I actually saw it in person at the Celine boutique in Miami. Way to boxy, rigid and heavy – and the outside zipper pocket is pretty useless IMO, just too small. Plus, I don’t want to be carrying what everyone else is in NYC…

    • Alternately, seeing it in person was what really convinced me. I just loved the scale and architecture of it. And I don’t live in New York, so I’m delightfully unencumbered by thoughts of what people there may or may not be carrying.

      But that’s why fashion is great – two people can look at the same bag and come to two very different conclusions, both of them totally valid.

  • Handbag Lover

    This bag is hot!

  • Kimberley

    I have fallen for CELINE and definitely think that the forums should have a Celine thread. The boston tote as well as the heartbreaking classic box handbags are incredible. In color, sophistication and execution. Beautifully made, they are destined for greatness thanks to Phoebe. I am currently waiting for the Dark Olive Spring 2011 classic to arrive.

  • aidan

    i love it. i just wish it was bigger :(

  • Linda

    I love this bag, but it’s VERY heavy! It seems like the suede ones this fall are a bit lighter, though. Will Celine be continuing this bag next year?

  • Barb

    OMG! That color is TDF!!! Gorgeous!

  • AZ

    Mmmm! I just can not feel its originality! Seems like Balanciaga married Hermes and have this bag as a baby!

  • AZ

    The color is amazing thoug!

  • Staci

    I am in love with this bag! The color is gorgeous!

  • Bagolicious

    The bag is gorgeous. I saw it here in L.A. within the last 4 weekends, I think it was. But, I don’t remember where I saw it. I should have written it down as I also like it.

  • christine

    sorry cant see what you see in it – i think it is hideous

  • Demi

    Great colour!

  • Claire

    That color is TDF! Swoon!

  • Chris

    I am not getting it – and I usually love blue.
    But hey, if you love it – great. So go for it, Amanda.

  • meme

    Now that is cute! What a gorgeous color too.

  • sosti

    i love the sweater too… i’m a sucker for a chunky sweater. ;)~

  • http://dailypolish.com

    see this is because phoebe philo can do no wrong! she is SUCH a genius!!! i love this bag, i think it’s elegant, simple…but attractive and eyecatching all at once. i can’t handle arm bags though, i need shoulder bags. so that is why i can’t get this bag…..right?

  • jessica

    it looks like a miserable face of a human.

  • Rebecca

    This bag makes me believe in Phoebe Philo’s genius. Gorgeous.

  • chrisnavline54

    i bought the medium blk leather luggage recently in london. Fab fab bag , althoughli feel it’s a little on the heavy side- and there’s no way to wear it on my shoulder. Still deciding whether to keep it or not.

    • Niki

      Hi there
      If you are intereseted in selling it please let me know
      Thanks, Niki

  • Maggie

    That is a Gorgeous blue!! (ipad)

  • Chloe

    FML I love this bag…I need it! (ipad)

  • bianca R


    I am desperately looking for this bag.. preferably in the block color black and creme. Can you help?

  • Maren W

    Hello. If anyone wants to sell their celine boston tote in electric blue, please contact me::


    Would become the happiest person on earth.

  • Amber

    Please tell me where I can get one!!! :( I’m in love

  • Thais

    Hi, does anyone know the name/size of the small rectangular bag, like the blue one in the first pic? I’m not so into the big square ones, but I can’t find what the rectangular one is called. Halp!

    Also in this picture:

  • sammycakes89

    what is the asking price for this beautiful bag????

  • I’ve been lusting after this bag for a couple of months but I worry it wouldn’t suit my lifestyle (university student in london). The navy blue has my heart but I don’t know whether to splurge or just get a Balenciaga work (very much different!). Help!

    • LennoxFarah

      How do you afford these bags living in london and being at Uni?! Im in England at uni and have no idea how I would afford either such beautiful bags you mentioned!

  • Georgia

    Hi, does any one know where can i get this celine blue electri bag?

  • Scarlet jenkins

    How much is it?