Is anyone here experiencing Rocco fatigue yet? I’m not over the style since Alexander Wang’s designs work so well with my personal aesthetic, but I’m assuming that some people out there have to be. The Alexander Wang Rocco Bag is entering its third season of production, and to keep things interesting, Wang has introduced a few new colors for this season. For me, the one that stands out the most is what he calls “mustard.”

The actual shade is perhaps too green to really deserve its moniker, but I find it interesting nonetheless. Chartreuse and its many variations have seeped into the fashion industry’s color palette as of late, and I think that this version of “grellow” belongs in that family. The color would pop against a black outfit but it still has enough of a tan undertone to play neutral, so I’m cautiously optimistic about this shade’s fashion opportunities. It’s certainly not something everyone will want to carry, though. Larger picture and price information, after the jump. (more…)

For a moment, I’m going to totally ignore the fact that Yves Saint Laurent made a substantially similar (and markedly less expensive) bag last season – the Alexander Wang Amber Spiral Notebook Clutch shamelessly appeals to the part of me that has wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl, and I simply cannot ignore that.

I don’t know if the attraction would be the same for everyone, but I used to carry around a notebook constantly as a little girl, and I would love the opportunity to carry a chicer, more fashionable approximation as an adult. Since I missed out on the YSL bag, this one is sort of calling my name. (more…)

Oh, Alexander Wang. How I love thee, let me count the ways. Ok, so, I’m not literally going to count them – not only would that take too long, but it would be kind of boring. Let’s suffice it to say that I really love Wang’s aesthetic, even when I’m not sure that I love a particular bag. Luckily, the Alexander Wang Jena Clutch doesn’t give me any deep internal conflict.

Nope! I’m sure that this clutch is in my future. Not only does it have the brand’s signature pebbled black leather, but it’s a perfect size and shape for a take-anywhere black clutch. If you like a little bit of edge in your bags, then welcome to your new nighttime staple. (more…)

Embracing the Alexander Wang aesthetic is easy in winter – you add in some black, and then some more black, and maybe a little black as a finishing touch. It also has to be sort of minimalist, but in a really non-minimalist way. Ta-da! There you go. But when weather gets warmer, sometimes people want to wear a color other than black (although I don’t know why anyone would want to do that, black’s great!), and then channeling Wang’s of-the-moment looks gets a little harder, particularly in the bag department.

Fret not, however, because the brand’s fashion mavens have created the much-loved Alexander Wang Donna Hobo in a faded, mossy green that will actually work with the boho colors and fabrics of summer without losing any of the bag’s signature edge. A Wang bag that you could wear with linen – mon dieu! (more…)

Yes, I realize that here we have two Alexander Wang posts back to back. While maybe I should apologize for this, I’m not going to. Sorry folks, I couldn’t help myself. See, as soon as I came across this Alexander Wang Cher Large Siamese Clutch, I had to stop everything I was doing and write about it.

Another thing I realize is the fact that Alexander Wang is often off of his rocker. Now sometimes being off your rocker as a designer is a good thing and then there are other times it is a bad thing. In this instance my friends, it is a bag thing – a very, VERY bad thing. (more…)

There are few things that I love more than when ShopBop gets in a new shipment of Alexander Wang bags. He does some of the most interesting things handbags in recent memory, and he makes It Bags at prices that slightly more women can afford. In short, I love him.

I kind of love the Alexande Wang Sydney Backpack, too. Remember back in the 90s, when mini backpacks were all the rage? Yeah, that’s not coming back, thankfully. What seems to be happening, though, is that the ultra-functional satchels are becoming more popular in sizes that are close to their schoolyard compatriots. (more…)

A sculptural clutch is something that not everyone wants to hold in their hand. This is quite obviously understood by the mere fact that most clutches are square or rectangular shaped, and that shape has persisted since the dawn of the clutch. Sure, there are sometimes some curves, and there are the special, crystal-encrusted Judith Leiber animals, but other shapes don’t really make their mark.

Clearly, Alexander Wang is trying to change that, evidenced by this Alexander Wang Darla Pyramid Clutch. And you know, I really like it. It’s fresh without being too imposingly strange; rather, it takes the quintessential Alexander Wang handbag elements and transfers them neatly into a triangular package. Case in point: the studs are on the base of the pyramid, both noticeable and chameleon-esque. (more…)

This is Amanda, your resident Alexander Wang fangirl, reporting from the front lines again. We’re at that precarious time of year when spring bags could drop any day, and it looks like ShopBop just got an enormous shipment of new stuff from my one true bag love (you know, besides Balenciaga and Valentino).

Thusly, I would like to present to you ladies (and gentlemen), the Alexander Wang Rocco Baby Duffel Bag. Look kind of familiar? Yeah, well, it should. (more…)

If someone could go ahead and find me the Alexander Wang Brenda Mini Camera Bag in black, I would much appreciate it. And also, I would buy it immediately, if not sooner.

I write about a lot of bags (usually about 40 per week, to be exact), but rarely do I find one for which I want to whip out my debit card, like, that day. It takes a particular combination of brand, materials, design, and price, and I don’t find it that often. If I were to admit the last bag that I actually purchased…well, suffice it to say that a lot of you guys would have me beat on that one. We all have our bag buying habits, and I like to wait until I see something and just know. And now, I know. (more…)

Alexander Wang Grey Coco Duffel

Oh, for the love of Pete, YES! (more…)

Alexander Wang Suede Coco Duffel Bag

If Alexander Wang is going to insist on continuing to make non-black and non-leather iterations of the super popular Alexander Wang Coco Duffel, then he’s going to have to do better than tan.

The only things that I can think of when I see this bag are the faux nubuck jackets that you see in the men’s department at Wal-Mart every year and that are, presumably, purchased only by middle aged men that count huntin’ and workin’ on their truck among their main hobbies (note: I’m from the South, so I’m allowed/qualified to make jokes about redneck Wal-Mart shoppers). (more…)

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