Is anyone here experiencing Rocco fatigue yet? I’m not over the style since Alexander Wang’s designs work so well with my personal aesthetic, but I’m assuming that some people out there have to be. The Alexander Wang Rocco Bag is entering its third season of production, and to keep things interesting, Wang has introduced a few new colors for this season. For me, the one that stands out the most is what he calls “mustard.”

The actual shade is perhaps too green to really deserve its moniker, but I find it interesting nonetheless. Chartreuse and its many variations have seeped into the fashion industry’s color palette as of late, and I think that this version of “grellow” belongs in that family. The color would pop against a black outfit but it still has enough of a tan undertone to play neutral, so I’m cautiously optimistic about this shade’s fashion opportunities. It’s certainly not something everyone will want to carry, though. Larger picture and price information, after the jump.

Buy through ShopBop for $875.

Sweet Summertime

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