If someone could go ahead and find me the Alexander Wang Brenda Mini Camera Bag in black, I would much appreciate it. And also, I would buy it immediately, if not sooner.

I write about a lot of bags (usually about 40 per week, to be exact), but rarely do I find one for which I want to whip out my debit card, like, that day. It takes a particular combination of brand, materials, design, and price, and I don’t find it that often. If I were to admit the last bag that I actually purchased…well, suffice it to say that a lot of you guys would have me beat on that one. We all have our bag buying habits, and I like to wait until I see something and just know. And now, I know.

This little guy is like a half version of the regular Brenda, and at a fairly steep reduction in price compared to its larger predecessor, Wang seems to make no bones about the fact that this is, indeed, a small bag. But that’s exactly what I love about it.

It retains the tough chains and leather (which I’m hoping will eventually be found in black…please…) of its predecessor while shrinking down to the perfect size for my BlackBerry, keys, lipgloss, and card case. I’ve been wanting something small and black to take out at night that’s not too bulky and that I can still wear on my shoulder or across my body, and not only does this bag fit all of those criteria, but it fits my personal style. Gimme. Buy through Saks for $395.

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  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    Wow. I REALLY like this… I’ll take in in this desert color and save the black for you :)

  • 19yearslater

    Hmm. I’m not sure. The front zipper pocket makes it look maybe too much like the camera bag my dad used on vacations when I was a kid.

  • Kimberley

    This is gorgeous and a must buy. I am waiting for the DOVE grey color which is seen in the Feb issue of Harper’s Bazaar! The dark color is lovely, but for me the grey will carry through a few seasons. Perfect for lipstick, wallet and an iphone on the go!

  • Loquita

    FANTASTIC bag!! Me wants!!! (Badly).

  • Ana JB

    Unfortunately here in Montreal, I didnt find this camera bag yet. :(
    Loved! simple, useful, cute!

  • MissMe

    To Ana JB — Im from MTL too !!! Besides Reborn (where they sell A Wang with such a huge mark up), where can you get it ? Holt ? Thanks !

  • Ana JB

    To MissMe – Holt H.
    bienvenue! :)

  • MissMe

    Thanks Ana ! Please do tell me if you find it, I’ll do the same here !

  • mochababe73

    I don’t like this bag. It’s a cheap looking mess.

  • Ana JB

    I went to HOLT H. and I didnt find… They heve Valentinos, Burberrys, Tods, Balenciagas, MKs, PRadas, Guccis, Diors… Not really this brand… Sniff
    Mush to my surprise, I didnt like any bag at all… whats wrong w/ me?… :)

  • sophie
  • Line R. Malones

    Very well written, this sure is a great bag. I have the regular Brenda in light brown- I wear it like every day.