Alexander Wang Grey Coco Duffel

Oh, for the love of Pete, YES!

I complained earlier this week about the Alexander Wang Suede Coco Duffel in tan, which I still think is an abomination against God, but now a new Coco Duffel has arrived at ShopBop in order to wipe that unpleasantness from my mind completely.

The Alexander Wang Grey Coco Duffel is a beautiful and fitting addition to the collection’s bag line, and my favorite part is that it has silver studs instead of gold. Or maybe my favorite part is that the medium shade of grey allows the Coco’s pebbly, textured leather to shine much better than the black did, which brings out even more of the hip little bag’s natural beauty?

I’m not sure what I like about it better, but I do know that making versions like this will make up for unfortunate iterations past. Buy through ShopBop for $850.

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Bag Brag
Bag Brag
13 years ago

Is that grey one same as this one?

Is it the same bag????

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