One thing that I’ve always appreciated about Marc Jacobs is the sheer breadth of aesthetic choices that can be contained within his eponymous line at any given time. His clothes and accessories range from the somewhat classic and conservative to the utterly wild, often in the span of a single season, and I suppose that this is the point where I should say “variety is the spice of life” and all that.

Fresh off the metallic parachute bags and foot-long fringe from last season, Jacobs has decided to make a 180-degree turn and go for something entirely different: retro, ladylike handbags. The Marc Jacobs Gene Satchel in particular is strongly reminiscent of the accessories from the Louis Vuitton fall line, which is also under Jacobs’s stewardship. Is that a good thing? In this case, absolutely.

At one point in the not-so-distant past, I wasn’t a big believer in bicolor bags, but this one in particular is a great example of why my feelings have changed. The cream and greige colors compliment each other beautifully and the juxtaposition of the two shades helps bring out the richness in both, as do the differences in texture. Because of the relative neutrality of both shades, there are few outfits that would clash with the bag purely as a result of the use of more than one color, which is usually a concern that I have with bicolored bags. As it is, I have no concerns at all, only lust. Buy through Saks for $1195.

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  • Sher77

    Lovely, lovely. Also, love the color combo.

  • CoutureCoco

    Looks very similar to Anya Hindmarch bags.

  • mochababe73

    I like the shape and silhouette, but I am not a fan of the bi-color combination.

  • pursemonkey

    I absolutely love this bag! The colors are so muted and sophisticated, the chain handle adds interest without detracting from the classic styling, and the combination of smooth and embossed leathers is genius. And the price point is actually surprisingly reasonable for such an expensive looking bag! Big thumbs up, Marc!!

  • vicky

    Love the neutral colors, and these do look like the LV runway bags, but at a more affordable price range!

  • greenpixie

    This is stunning!

  • tadpolenyc

    gorgeous! i’m a big fan of the fall bags compared to the relative disappointment that was spring.

  • Valentina

    never been a fan of marc jacobs bags

  • amy

    Love it. I love Marc Jacobs.

  • starqueen_78

    Love Love Love! Such a fan of ladylike bags – I cannot wait to start buying items from this season.

  • naviastella

    I think the bi colour combo along with the bi texture combo has a vintage classic feel to it that could be quite coveted for now

  • MizzJ

    Gorgeous! Marc Jacobs is quite the creative genius. It’s pretty amazing the range and variety of his designs. There’s something there for everyone, every season!

  • I Tso

    I love this bag, this is TSOOOOOOOO unexpected of Marc Jacobs. **** for Marc..I want this bag.

  • Nicole


    I totally agree w pursemonkey! What a bag!

    The only thing I’m not too sure about is the strap drop… It looks like it might be more comfy on the crook of the arm, which doesn’t always work for us all…

    sigh, yet I’d “suffer” holding this bag any way I needed to if I had it!!!


  • Ellen

    I adore this bag! I love how neutral the colors are; this bag would definitely be very versatile. I agree that this is also somewhat reminiscent of Louis Vuitton bags. (ipad)