We’re back this week with a brand new edition of PursePeople, our new series designed to showcase real, everyday bag lovers like you or I and their eye-catching carries. Today we meet a model and content creator who resides in NYC. Karina’s stunningly rare Fendi By The Way bag (we’ve never seen one like this!) caught our eye and we had to get more insight on the bag and the gal carrying it. We love that this bag was the catalyst for a chance encounter that helped catapult this handbag lover’s career. Get a look at this fab Fendi and read the one in a million story below.

Name: Karina Bik
Occupation: Creator/Model
Resides in: Manhattan, NY
Bag: Fendi Python By The Way

The Bag

When I first saw this bag online, I immediately fell in love with it because of how unique it was – the python leather, gorgeous bright colors and high quality hardwear. I thought it was sporty yet elegant, and well-suited to my style. This bag has also been a tremendous conversation piece, and oddly enough, it’s helped my career in some unexpected ways!

A Chance Connection

One day I was on the subway heading to work, a lady complimented the bag and said that she rarely saw bags like these in the same style. We chatted a bit about her favorite LVMH bags and accessories, and I told her about my work, and lo and behold, it turned out that she worked in marketing at LVMH!

Based on our conversation, she invited me to several Marketing/PR events, including a Bvlgari perfume launch, and a Givenchy beauty event! I would never have expected that a simple purchase would open doors like that, but somehow it did! Since then, I’ve had collaborations with a lot of LVMH brands, and long story short – wear your nice bags on the subway!

Mark Cross sent me this wallet as a gift after a collaboration that we did, and I was actually very pleased to receive it because feng shui always says that the color red is good for earning money if you believe in that sort of thing!

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