We’ve asked you a lot of questions lately (and I want you to ask us questions too–don’t forget to email us if you have a question you’d like answered!). This week, I was thinking about some of my favorite bags and shoes. Valentino probably didn’t realize the pandemonium that would follow when they created its Rockstud shoes and bags, but to this day, the the studded, ladylike designs are some of the most beloved acquisitions when it comes to both major accessories categories.

When I check out Instagram, I see many people who have matching Rockstud bags and shoes. There are other designers who offer bags and shoes that match or tie together closely–Balenciaga and Hermès come to mind, among many others. But when it comes to matching, I’m not just talking about the design and designer; many women choose the same colors for their shoes and bags, even when the designer is different.

The practice is polarizing, though. When you ask fashion lovers about it, some will tell you there’s no way they’d closely match their accessories, while others love the combo. (Shop the bag for $2,495 via Neiman Marcus and Valentino shoes via Neiman Marcus).

So now I turn to you: what do you think of matching your bags and shoes, be it by designer or by color?

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