A topic often discussed within the PurseBlog community is the illustrious it-bag. I personally am a sucker for a good it-bag, and find myself reminiscing the early 2000s when it-bags were in a fashion league of their own. The exclusivity and frenzy surrounding it-bags were a thrill for anyone who remembers them, a magic I haven’t been able to capture in recent years.

What makes an it-bag?

It-bags today have taken up a different form, and while many may snicker at a Neverfull being an it-bag, I believe it should be described as exactly that. I can’t leave my home without seeing a Neverfull, and it is consistently the handbag I spot most in the wild…I see it everywhere. I will admit that when I bought my Neverfull in 2015 (my first premier designer handbag), I thought it was the best handbag in the entire world. I loved it so much that I purchased it in three versions and even wrote a dedicated love letter to it. While I still use my Neverfull today, I must sadly admit that it has lost a little bit of its luster to me. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear the bag and appreciate its functionality (it truly doesn’t get full), but seeing it everywhere has lessened its appeal for me.

How can I possibly go from publicly declaring my love for a handbag to contemplating selling it? I can say the same for my Gucci Marmont. I was on a handbag high when I purchased my Marmont on a trip to NYC. It quickly became a favorite in my collection, but once again, seeing this bag everywhere made me less excited to wear it over time. The ironic part was that seeing it everywhere was what drove me to buy the bag in the first place. I absolutely loved it, and reading about it on repeat made me obsess. However, once I had it home in my collection, I was no longer enamored; in fact, I found myself bored of the handbag. I have since sold my Gucci Marmont to fund other purses, a decision I do not regret.

Does a bag’s popularity impact your shopping and fashion choices?

I find it interesting that many handbag obsessions and purchases spawned from seeing handbags so frequently on PurseBlog and social media, but when I bring them home, the obsession dissipates. I have sold 1 of my 3 Neverfulls and intend to maybe sell another. They just don’t spark the same joy they used to. I wanted to own the bag I saw looking so beautiful on everyone else, only to find I prefer to wear something different from the crowd. How about you? Let’s Discuss!

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