Back in 2014, backpacks got off to a head start when they began flooding stores, popping up in the collections of even the most lavish of designer brands. Although people were quick to proclaim that backpacks were too juvenile to be luxurious, the trend still took off, possibly in large part due to the most basic of levels—practicality. They’re hands-free, typically lightweight and oftentimes among the less expensive options in a designer’s bag lineup. They can typically carry a lot, often easily more than a crossbody bag, and on a practical level, it’s easy to see why backpacks have sustained.

Yet their popularity seems to have finally waned, and it’s been nearly two years since we covered them from a trend perspective. Conversely, we’ve also explored the reasons why many fundamentally disagree with carrying a sack on their back. That being said, from a high-fashion perspective, this year seems to be the year that the backpack is officially “over”. Scrolling through some of our favorite online shopping destinations, like Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa and Moda Operandi proves this to be true. The selection of backpacks is much smaller than in years past and additionally, the silhouettes that are available are much more utilitarian and less fashion forward than we’ve seen in the last few seasons.

The death of the backpack can be attributed in large part due to the fact that consumers have spent over a year mostly in their homes which negates the need for a large sack meant to house everything you’d need for a full day out. Additionally, with the mini bag trend, many bag lovers are carrying less and less in general as it is, making a backpack feel obsolete. Given the year we’ve had, the dwindling popularity of a schoolgirl carryall seems almost inevitable, but we still have to ask: Are backpacks really over? Do you think as the world opens back up the backpack will make a triumphant return?

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