We’ve spent a lot of time in the PurseBlog offices talking about adding videos to the site. I’m not one that really likes to be in front of the camera, it’s just not my personality (hence why I don’t use Snapchat much–sorry), but the time seemed right to give it a shot, so we decided to kick it off with a shopping favorite: an unboxing video.

So here’s the story behind this bag: it was a gift from Prada. A lot of people assume I get most or all of my bags for free, and while I do get some bags as gifts, the overwhelming majority of my collection is made up of bags I’ve purchased myself. Whenever I’m writing about a bag that’s a gift, I let you know, and this bag is one of them. I had no idea what was inside of the box when it arrived, and I was pretty excited to open it up.

Spoiler Alert: Prada sent me a customized Nylon Tote with my initials added on the back of the tote. It’s a bag meant for travel, so it’s super deep and has an optional shoulder strap with it. I’m still waiting for specifics on this bag and the personalization, as I am sure this is a service that will be available to you as well. Once I find out more, I’ll update the post, but we wanted to share the video to start.

While you’re at it, we’d love it if you subscribed to our YouTube channel; we’ll be sharing more videos, including unboxings, Purseonals, What Fits and more. We hope you like the video, and let me know in the comments below what else you’d like to see on our channel!

Shop Prada bags at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

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  • Mohd Faizal Hamzah

    I like this video, perhaps in future you can show us the “inside” and details of the bag more. – MFH

    • Totally! Appreciate the feedback, want to make sure to get better with it all!

  • Sarah

    Love this so much!!! Thank you for doing this Megs can’t wait to see what you do next!

  • P

    More of these please!!

  • Jennifer Clarke

    Great video! Are these going to be available or was this a custom gift? Either way, very cool!

    • Jennifer

      Oops, watched the video and only skimmed the post. Excited to learn more about these as info becomes available.

      • I am waiting for a little more info from Prada and will share. I thought I’d see it on their website but I don’t so once I have more info you will know!

      • Jennifer

        Thank you!

      • AAGZ

        Any word from Prada on bringing back the personalization service? I called 2 stores and neither said the option was available anymore. I was very disappointed, especially after sending a trendsetter a bag that ended up in an unboxing video.

  • multipolarity

    Megs and Vlad, I’ve been along for the Pursblog ride since 2006 and became a PurseForum member shortly after that. Congratulations on your video milestone! You and your team are the bee’s knees! Keep it up!

  • K

    I never realized (or maybe I never heard it before until now) what a great speaking voice Megs has. She’s like Martha or Ina with that soft speaking enunciating speaking voice that clearly knows what’s going on. “Nylon”, “shoulder straps”, “inside pockets”! YAAS KEEP NAMING STUFF I FEEL SO RELAXED.

    • Averil

      Yesssssss thank you! The whole time she was talking I was trying to pinpoint whose voice hers sounded like and she totally has that Martha/Ina-type voice!!!

      But dammit now I want a Prada nylon travel bag…

      • Stacey Ahlstrom

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      • It’s honestly really cool! I’m gonna take her out for a test drive and will probably do a Purseonals with her – really cool bag!

        Looks like I need a cooking show…. though I’m much more comfortable with bags!

      • Averil

        For reals though, I would totally watch the shit out of a video of you testing out your new bag! I love the personalisation; the bag would look rather plain without it I feel.

        Errrr how about a cooking show with you eating a frozen burrito you microwaved while you show us your bag and shoe collection!!

    • Hahaha I’m laughing so hard! Thank you for the compliments on my voice. Next time I’ll read a bed time story for you! Jk

      Really appreciate the positive feedback!

    • When I was editing the post yesterday before it went live, I told her the same thing–her voice really lends itself to this kind of thing! I’ve heard her speak a zillion times in real life and never thought much of it, but some people’s voices sound terrible when recorded and others’ sound great. Thankfully, Megs’s is the latter.

    • Maryjword

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    yaaaayyy!!! finally got to hear Megs speak! congrats Megs. This is a really nice gift from Prada! I am eyeing on the Galleria bag of Prada but I also am attracted to their totes that have two locks on top, i forgot the name. anyways enjoyed the video Megs! thank you!

    • The Galleria is lovely – I’m going to see if Prada will send me a Double bag and Galleria to show the differences between the two.

      And yep, that’s me speaking! It’s always weird to hear yourself but you all are kind!

  • Sara

    Very enjoyable :-)

  • Dominic Leto

    I remember this prada bag from a few years ago, actually. They rolled out a program where you could personalize a tote or backpack with your initials. Maybe they’re bringing it bag???


  • Cbl

    Love this!! And the initials are so fun!!

  • Smithy

    Please explain to me the placement of the initials. Why aren’t they centered? I don’t get it.

  • Antonia

    Great video Megs……thanks for sharing and congrats on your gorgeous new Prada! Now I’m wanting one! Prada was probably one of my first loves in designer bags and I did have a flat nylon cross body bag years ago that I’ve since sold. I’d rather have this than the Longchamp bags everyone has.