Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported a little bit of good news for handbag lovers and Prada aficionados alike: the brand plans to ramp up its selection of bags under €1,200, which translates to around $1,400USD.

Product diversification is certainly a strong step toward attracting new business and recapturing the attention of previous clients who may have strayed to other brands over the past few seasons. Prada’s substantially sized leather bags currently start in the $1,500 range, based on available product at Bergdorf Goodman, so it appears that the $1,100 to $1,400 range is indeed an area of opportunity.

For any brand, having a strong entry-level leather product is important; it’s among the best ways to attract younger customers, who have the potential to turn into loyal clients over the arcs of their advancing careers. That would seem especially true for a brand like Prada, whose bags have long been associated with women who want something that looks luxurious and powerful to carry to work.

Prada’s Fall 2015 show included many leather bags that went beyond the brand’s standard saffiano options, and in combination with that, this news serves as another indicator that the powers that be at Prada are listening to consumer response and making adjustments. There’s no public release date for the under-$1,400 bags quite yet, but I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what Prada does next.

[Image via Vogue.co.uk]

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  • Sandy

    This is interesting as other brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel that seem to be pushing this level of customer away.

    • L.O.

      Good point. It’ll be tough because once you get use to a certain style or fabrication such as the Sofiano leather, and they don’t put it on the entry level price point people get scared its gonna look and feel cheaper and of course the infamous, ” Will this leather scratch easily?” Question always pops up.

  • Sofia

    I’m guessing the quality will be worse, and they will probably be made in China

    • CoCo

      Not nessecarily, I have a Prada bag that costs $1,010 and is great quality…

  • Lori

    I think this is an attempt to get ANY kind of business back. I don’t know any purse fans that carry Prada any longer as it became too commercial and feels very ’90’s to me. If I were Prada I would hire a new designer for just the handbag division and I would produce less bags, remove that logo and keep the prices in the $2000-$3000 range. I feel like lots of other designers are doing this very successfully right now.

    • Smithy

      I agree. Prada was my first experience with designer bags and I of course am speaking of all of their nylon stuff. I became quite the collector. Now when I see someone with a Prada bag they are usually 20’s or 30’s and still in the “look at my designer bag” phase.

      • Passerine

        I have four Prada Vitello Daino bags that get lots of compliments (when I was buying my Vitello Daino hobo, a Japanese woman wanted it so badly she tried to force the saleslady to hand it over to her). They’ve held up very well and are great bags for work — professional and attractive. FWIW, they were all made in Italy. Personally, I prefer the Vitello Daino bags to the Saffiano bags if for no other reason than they haven’t been copied to death by Michael Kors.

    • Clair

      I completely disagree. I am a huge purse lover and absolutely love Prada. In fact, I am regretting getting my most recent boy bag and not the Prada Sound because it is so versatile. Anyone can tell it is quality. My work bag has held up and I get compliments all of the time. It’s not the typical tote, mine has the modern look with the turn-locks and is a beautiful navy blue. Before I purchased this bag last October, I looked at so many only to find there was no better bag. If Prada isn’t a go to, then why are all of the other designers copying both the saffiano leather AND the bag styles? I hate how Prada gets a bad rep just because it doesn’t go and have wild and silly designs like others..a classic is a classic, period.

  • shopper

    they need to tread carefully. Gucci Soho bags are great entry level and don’t seem like a cheaper version of the “real” bags. Maybe they should be a line extension geared to a younger audience like Coach briefly did with Poppy.

  • What’s that plastic-y smell? Judging from the $2500 very poorly made saffiano tote I got from Prada, I’m not sure anything good can come out of a lower price point.

  • Untowent

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  • KO0926

    I love my Prada bags. I have quite the collection from Prada, Gucci, Chloe, Burberry, Balenciaga and I have to say the quality of the leather (no Saffiano leather in my collection) is gorgeous. I will say my Chloe and Burberry bags seems to be made of a sturdier leather, but I believe that is based on the style of bags I have. I love large totes structured and relaxed and Prada fits the bill! I guess to each her own…. If I couldn’t get another Prada, I’m not sure what would be my next favorite line…..