I Might Be a Little Late to the Polene Party…

But fear not, I am here.

You know how you sometimes feel like you’ve known something forever, but you never actually noticed it? Like it was always there on the horizon, but just never on your radar?

I feel like Polene and I share a similar dynamic. Situated on the more affordable end of the handbag spectrum, Polene is a French, family-owned fashion house I came across when I had discovered PurseBlog for the first time. And, as you might guess, in my early days of navigating the glitzy world of purses, I didn’t quite get why Megs, Lucy, and members of the PurseForum (this thread spans 216 pages, and counting!) were aah-ing and ooh-ing over the brand’s rather simplistic leather silhouettes (my purse of choice was the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Speedy, in case you might ask).

Moving forward, however, as I vacillate in and out of my logomania phase, I have come to grow an appreciation for the textures and types of leathers used for purses, my lambskin PS1 (and undying love for the Sac de Jour) is a testament of the development in my preferences from my previously trusty Spiderman backpack.

Alongside that, as I continue my investigation into Parisian style (although investigation is a rather generous way of describing the act of binge-watching Parisian-centric TV shows), Polene appears to have made a triumphant return into the scene, joining the ranks of Jerome Dreyfuss, Longchamp, and Chloé, as the epitome of impeccable quality and quiet elegance. And speaking of shows, if you tend to scrutinize characters’ ensembles like I do, then you might be aware of Polene’s distinct presence in the second season of Emily in Paris – whether it be Camille’s Numero Un, Madeline’s Cyme tote, or the Numero Huit sported by Emily herself – Patricia Fields, it seems, has been quick to adapt Emily’s character to true French style (in hindsight, could that be a hint about whether she’ll be staying back in Paris? Now I’m intrigued.)

But when Polene began, way back in 2016, it had neither the celebrity endorsements nor the attractive marketing campaigns to make itself known to the world at large. Even though tPFers have been debating and lusting over its offerings from as early as 2017, the brand has entered our collective minds only since 2019, relying solely on craftsmanship, quality, and timelessness.

Polene Numero Un
via Polene

In fact, the primary design element of Polene’s purses is the leather itself, with folds said to be inspired by the works of Madeleine Vionnet, Mariano Fortuny, and Madame Grès. Sporting little hardware (and certainly, no logos), the handbags provide a complete package for minimalist fashionistas, supported by a sweet price tag of under $500. Legend also has it that the trio of siblings behind the brand (and the great-grandchildren of the founder of Saint James, the popular striped marinière shirts manufacturer), came up with 25 different design prototypes, all handmade (and continue to be so!) in Spain before they launched their very first model, the Numero Un – French for “number one.”

And it was the Numero Un that won the hearts of tPFers, Parisians, and fashion-lovers in general, with its elegant flap closure, cinched leather folds that can be expanded for more capacity, and 6 metal feet. Since then, the house has released several designs, all numbered, although the Onze (11) and Douze (12) have been later renamed the Beri and the Cyme. But one might think, if they have no logos, prominent hardware, or any conventional design feature, they should be pretty boring looking, right?

Polene Cyme Bag
via Polene

Not at all! In fact, the pillowy soft Beri is a quirkier take on the trendy BV Jodie that’ll likely stay around for much longer than the trend lasts. At the same time, the Cyme and Le Cabas are your everyday leather totes, but with uniquely distinctive sculptural elements thrown into the mix. The Numero Dix is another croissant-style mini hobo (it also comes in a regular-sized hobo) that’s sure to add a little oomph to your outfits. At the same time, the Numero Six wristlet (also available in a chic belt bag variation) and the Numero Huit bucket bag all make serious contenders for a wardrobe mainstay. And if minis are your thing, there are shrunken versions of nearly every style from the Numero Un to the Numero Sept, to satiate your cravings.

But the design that has truly won my heart is the Umi – a 90s-inspired shoulder bag silhouette that I have come to adore, and as vintage purses continue to be all the rage, this particular one, unimpeded by any dated detail or prohibitive price tag, will likely put you way ahead of the style curve!

Polene Umi Bag
via Polene

Another little detail about Polene that makes their already classic purses that much sweeter? They don’t sell via third-party retailers, even though they’ve been approached by big names like Le Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette. Hence, many tPFers have found that purchasing from their Euro site often saves a considerable sum – fun for the deal-hunters too!

Often compared with the likes of Hermès, Loewe, and Saint Laurent, owing, in no small part, to the fact that its bags are entirely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in the brand’s Spanish ateliers, Polene honestly sounds like a secret language for fashion-insiders to communicate: only those in the know will know. And with their expansive range of charming offerings – from dainty top handles to chic shoulder bags and spacious totes – it’s likely to stay around for quite a while now. Plus, their oh-so-affordable price tags make them so much better than their contemporary counterparts. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what’s most satisfying?


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  1. memsy Avatar

    I love Polene. Excellent quality for an inexpensive price.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad


  2. VR vrvrvr Avatar
    VR vrvrvr

    i love the number 1 so much. I have three. Great quality at a great price. The smell of the leather is amazing!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Oh wow, what colors do you have? Are they all the regular size, or do you have the backpack/mini/nano versions too?

      1. VR vrvrvvr Avatar
        VR vrvrvvr

        Regular size. I have pink that’s more of a peach, light blue, and black. Funny story. I have an LV alma in black epi leather. It has no strap which makes it hard when I’m on mom duty. It was cheaper to buy the black polene than a high end strap for the LV bag. So that’s what I did. I personally put a twilly on the little handle to match my outfit when I carry one of them. It’s such a cute look.

      2. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
        Sajid Bin Mohammad

        So adorable! And honestly, if I saw it from afar, I’d probably think it was Hermès because those seem to have twillys (twillies?) on them most often.

  3. Amy Avatar

    Numero Dix on my list!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Best wishes for your purchase!

  4. pixiegirlie Avatar

    I’ve been wanting a nano numero un for about a year. The only reason why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet is they don’t offer it with pebbled calf skin leather it’s either smooth calf skin or textured(kind of looks like saffiano leather). I’ve considered going up a size for the leather I want but it will just be too big for my needs I carry very little. I hope they come out with the pebbled calf skin in the nano numero un soon.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      The Nano appears to be a relatively newer addition to the range, and so both color and material options are limited. Hopefully they add pebbled because that would be absolutely divine!

  5. Yazi Avatar

    I have 4 bags and the quality of the leather and craftsmanship speaks for itself. I get so many questions/compliments about them.

    Truly a brand with bags that will last.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Indeed! Which ones have you got?

      1. Yazi Avatar

        Two no.1 and two no.9, the blush colour in particular is one of those colours that are hard to photograph and describe but gorgeoua in RL.

      2. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
        Sajid Bin Mohammad

        The Number 9 is so pretty! Less hyped but the design is really flowy – love it!

  6. Passerine Avatar

    I have four Polene bags (two Numero Un — trio vert and navy, a Numero Deux in the moc croc, a Numero Six in terre de Sienne) and several pouches. With the exception of the Deux, they were all bought in their Paris store. The quality has been consistently excellent and the bags are a pleasure to carry. It is a shame that the Deux has been discontinued. The Un is my favorite as it has a distinctive shape and is easily recognizable as Polene.

    A few caveats: the colors in the photos are not always the same in real life. For example, my navy Un is much darker, nearly black, and not as blue as shown in their site photos. I sometimes wish I had just bought the black instead (moc croc flap). Also, people have reported some hiccups in their service, esp in responding to emails and in shipping. I attribute that to growing pains; I think their business management has not kept up with the brand’s increasing global popularity. This is why I prefer to buy their bags in the store rather than online.

    The final caveat is that I wish the Six was a smidge bigger. I can barely get my iPhone X into it; most larger phones won’t fit. If they enlarged it by 15-20 percent, for example, it would be much more versatile.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Very comprehensively described Passerine, and I agree, the Deux was so gorgeous! Honestly I think it was a better flap-style purse than the Sept. And as far the Six is concerned, I guess wristlets have always been rather small (and hence, not meant to fit phones?), but yeah a few inches extra would be nicer.
      It’s also pleasant that you have the navy, it’s black most times but would show flashes of blue under certain lights, so maybe it’s like having two bags?
      And hoping they resolve the customer service issues soon!

    2. Jlfrenchie Avatar

      You seem to have a lot of experience with the Numero un. I’ve been looking at this bag online but read that the leather is extremely stiff. Can you speak to this? Does it loosen at all and how easy is it to get things in and out if the leather is stiff?

  7. Irene Avatar

    Numero Sept (7) is a gorgeous Beauty.
    I adore Polene . Unique and sophisticated . I’ve also ordered a few of their SLGs. When these items arrive, (always quickly), they are packaged so beautifully in lovely boxes.
    They have one store in Paris that I can’t wait to visit.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Best of luck! Hope you get to visit it soon!

  8. IsabellaMX Avatar

    I appreciate that the brand offers a relatively inexpensive alternative to people who love the aesthetics of Hermes or (old) Celine, but can’t necessarily spend thousands of dollars on a purse. I think they should get rid of the Polène branding on the bags. Even though it’s fairly discreet, it cheapens the whole vibe. But that’s just a detail. My only bag from Polène is Le Cabas and I love it for days I wanna look chic but I don’t want to draw unwanted attention.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      I understand your viewpoint, although I feel that the logo is pretty understated and wouldn’t be recognisable to most people. Nevertheless, a true minimalist would like that gone too I suppose.

  9. psny15 Avatar

    Senrev and Polene sent free bags to every person who claims to be an “influencer” and while they seem to have good styles it is not something I would ever look into purchasing!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Isn’t that standard protocol for most luxury brands now? If Chanel (with its inflated price tags) could do it, it’s only natural Polene and other contemporary brands would follow, right?

  10. Kate Avatar

    I am IN LOVE with my Numero Sept – it is such a great crossbody and holds the perfect amount of stuff. Sept seems to get the least amount of mentions but she is so gorgeous. I can’t say enough about the quality of these bags. If I ever have to go back into the office every day, I have my eye on a Cyme. Polene really does feel like a secret club – I’ve actually never seen one in the wild!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      I know! I’ve heard of it through PurseForum and PurseBlog too, and Emily in Paris was probably the only place I’ve seen it (with my limited exposure) in (almost) real life.

    2. scbarragan Avatar

      Related to see Polene´s bag in the streets, I think that it is again a geographical area question. If you live in an European city, you see Polene, Furla, Decadent, Kaai and other brands of that category all the time in the streets. However, reading here comments and entrance about brands I see a twist to US or American connected brands that are maybe not the first choice for European. It is likely that those brands are less popular in US and even if they sell quite well, the items are spread along a big country and are more difficult to see in an specific city. That is my guess.

    3. memsy Avatar

      I have a numero un nano that I love. I have a couple of friends who own one. I’ve seen a numero un and a numero dix being carried “in the wild” recently. I’m in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

      1. Kate Avatar

        Ooooh interesting! My aunt who lives in the District is the person who turned me on to Polene in the first place – you’ll have to continue to keep an eye out and let us know if they become more popular there!

  11. Stacy Avatar

    I have been enamored with them since they first launched! I’ve bought for myself and family! The quality is impeccable and the prices are amazing! Other design houses should follow their lead in quality, price and customer service!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Indeed, it’s a splendid package!

  12. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    Understated elegance, my kind of bags!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Yay! They are indeed lovely and truly “quiet luxuries”.

  13. Seun Avatar

    I own two polene bags. Numero nano and the half moon style (can’t remember the name now). Well packaged and beautiful leather.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Indeed, they sound gorgeous!

  14. Cecile Avatar

    Numero Dix – I get so many compliments on my bag and love that it’s a fraction of the cost of a designer bag. Bags are well made and classic with a twist!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Congratulations on your Numero Dix!

  15. Cris Avatar

    I wish they had metallic leather bags

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Let’s hope they introduce it soon!

  16. OMej Avatar

    I have 2 Polene’s – the numero un mini in burgundy suede/leather combo and the numero sept in classic black. I wish the leather on the sept was softer but I get it in terms of maintaining the structure. All in all, they’re both excellent quality and beautiful.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Might it get softer with age? Would look a lot more gorgeous with a natural slouch!

    2. Eve Avatar


  17. Eve Avatar

    I bought one 3 years ago and it’s holding up nicely. The design is also very thoughtful and practical, it’s more roomy than it looks and the pockets are the right size and amount. Just wish they had more fun color choices for all their bags. Mine is pastel and I haven’t been in the mood for more neutrals or repeating colors for a long while.

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      True, colors are mostly limited to the Numero Un, let’s hope they expand the other lines too.

  18. Lianna Avatar

    Love how they look and the price point too! Those who ordered from USA – did you have to pay any duty fees upon delivery?

    1. lalarey Avatar

      nope. the listed price is all inclusive.

  19. Tiffany Avatar

    After considering Polene for awhile, this article prompted me to give it a try. My Umi in clay arrived yesterday (beautiful packaging as others have noted), and the quality is on par with what I’ve seen in bags of the $2000+ category. This will not be my last Polene purchase!

    1. Sajid Bin Mohammad Avatar
      Sajid Bin Mohammad

      Congratulations on your Umi! And it gives me such joy that you got the Umi – seriously deserves more love! And Clay is such a beautiful shade of beige too!

  20. Monaliceke Avatar

    I have the Numero Un in trio gris and absolutely adore the quality. This is a unique design from Polene (and so are many of their bags). I am thinking of getting the Numero Neuf Mini in dune or bordeaux. Hopefully the dune shade comes back in stock soon so I can compare.

  21. Mary Avatar

    I have 3 Polene bags (Un Nano in tan, Neuf Mini in camel, Beri in black), all in grained/textured leather. Their styles are unique, affordable pricing. Very good quality, comparable with higher end designers. The leather is durable, don’t feel a need to baby them.

  22. Aqua Leaks Avatar
    Aqua Leaks

    This is such a great bag that can go with everything! Thank you for the post!