The early 2000s were a wild time for fashion. It was the era of low-rise jeans, ultra mini skirts, dresses over pants, trucker hats and the list goes on. The Y2K era was a very specific period in fashion history, one that’s (controversially) begun to make a triumphant return. Some argue that bedazzled logo tees and low-rise sweatpants with writing on the buttocks should lay to rest and remain in the past, but most handbag lovers can agree that the 2000s were a pivotal era in handbag history and now, one of the most iconic luxury fashion collaborations of all time is finally considered vintage.
That’s right, Louis Vuitton’s cult-favorite and still highly sought after partnership with Stephen Sprouse celebrates its 20 year anniversary this year. I know, I know, so fetch.

One of the greatest collaborations of all times debuted on the runway at Louis Vuitton’s spring 2001 runway show during Marc Jacobs’ reign as Creative Director for the House. In a move that has now become widely accepted and almost expected (think Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer, Fendi x Fila, Coach x Champion and more), Jacobs called upon friend Stephen Spouse to reinvent the brand’s ubiquitous logo. This partnership in particular would lay the groundwork for a slew of other collaborations that would succeed both from Louis Vuitton itself as well as other luxury brands, which is why we’re celebrating this beloved duo 20 years after its initial release.

Stephen Sprouse created a fluid and fun Monogram graffiti print that was hand-drawn with the artists signature scrawl and plastered atop classic LV Monogram. While the graffiti line was re-introduced in 2009 in bold neons following Sprouse’s death, original colors from the collection we’re celebrating today include white, orange, army green and yellow. The freeform graffiti logo was also seen in solid colors on limited edition versions of the brand’s storied Alma bag.

The collaboration’s popularity is nearly unmatched even today, 20 years after its release, and it remains both recognizable and sought-after. Check out pieces from the duo below, which are available on the resale market at a premium. Do you still have love for this perfect pairing?

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