Even for brands that have huge accessories lines dating back decades, there’s usually one bag that stands out above the others in shoppers’ minds. Hermès has the Birkin, Chanel has the Classic Flap, Louis Vuitton has the Speedy; for Proenza Schouler, it’s the PS1 that inspires the most consumer devotion. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the brand hopes to double its bag sales over the next two to three years, and a newly redesigned PS1 is a bag part of that strategy.

Proenza Schouler has named the new PS1 the PS1+, sort of like an iPhone; unlike the iPhone, the “plus” model won’t be any bigger or more expensive. Instead, the Proenza team took the opportunity to update some style details and address common consumer feedback, including using pebbled leather to make the bag more structured and switching out the jacquard lining for more durable canvas. Some PS1 owners on our PurseForum have complained that the slouch put too much pressure on the handle and strap attachments and lead to occasional damage, so hopefully the stiffer leather can WWD also reports the bag’s hardware has a “fuller profile,” which, based on the available photo, seems to mean the signature closure is slightly wider.

If you’re a fan of the slouchier original PS1, fear not: it won’t be going anywhere. It and the PS1+ will retail side by side, the the medium in both versions will still be $1,780. The new version of the bag will become available in-store in July. In addition to that, Proenza Schouler has introduced a new Mini PS1, which retails for just $890, in order to give the brand a more accessible starting price point. That bag is available immediately in a handful of colors (and both leather and suede) via Proenza Schouler.

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