Even though we spend all day searching out, discussing and dissecting handbags, we realize that most of you have lives and jobs that require you to do other stuff with most of your time. Because we want to make sure you’re aware of the latest in handbag happenings before we sally forth into March, though, we’ve set up a little primer for you on the most important things that happened in February.

Based on readership volume, below you’ll find the five posts your fellow handbag fanatics loved the most during February 2016. Read up and greet the future (or March, at least) with us tomorrow.

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It’s no secret that you guys love Chanel, and one of the most appealing things about the brand is its long, storied history. Earlier this month, we put together an essential historical primer on the brand’s most popular bags.

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What did I say about Chanel? The brand’s Spring 2016 Pre-Collection is in boutiques now, and this post has the lowdown on the available wallets, tech accessories and other small leather goods.

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Celeb-spotting outside NYFW shows is an event unto itself, and when all was said and done this season, we rounded up the best bags we saw on the industry’s most fashionable arms.

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Based on your collective love of this post, we applaud your desire to think ahead and plan responsibly.

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And based on your love of this post, we also admire your thriftiness and determination to ball on a budget.

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