Marc Jacobs Multipocket Bag

This is a handbag that I’ve been trying to find online in order to write about it for a while now, and finding it at Nordstrom made me realize that their online collection of designer goods is oft-overlooked, which it shouldn’t be. They had a lot of stuff that I didn’t even realize! So at least click through to check it out, because it might be a good place for you to find something that you’re looking for that is sold out at the Neiman Marcuses and Saks Fifth Avenues of the world. I don’t hear it mentioned nearly as much, and although the list of designers is shorter, they had a lot of the big ones.

Now, on to the bag at hand!

This is a basic design that we’re all familiar with – the Marc Jacobs Multipocket Bag. One strap, four outside pockets with Jacobs’ signature buckles, and not much else. Simple, clean, easy to wear. But there are two things in particular that make THIS bag a little more interesting to me.

First, for several years now, Marc Jacobs has relied on solely gold hardware for his signature bags. No matter the color of leather, the hardware was gold. I’m not an overwhelming fan of gold, although it has grown on me significantly, and this bag marks his first departure from the signature gold hardware in quite a while. Instead, what we have here is a super-shiny polished silver that gives the bag enough visual interest to make it a bit different.

Second, the color combined with the patent is very unique and really beautiful. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the color is actually a medium steel grey (calling this ‘taupe’ is misleading – there’s no brown in it in real life), and as much as I fawn and drool and pontificate over the merits of grey bags, I can’t ever remember seeing a glossy grey patent – and this patent is so glossy and smooth that it looks almost like liquid.

Between the hardware and the patent, the bag does a great job of marrying simplicity and glamor, and it’s made me take a new look at a bag that can sometimes get a tad…boring. Buy through Nordstrom for $1,150.

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  • Very cool. Love the color.

  • nk

    I’m not sure if I love it based on the picture. It looks rather boring and the pockets look like they should be bigger. Maybe its too much empty space. Im just not sure

  • I have never loved this bag, but I like it. I do need to try it on and examine it more in person. I think it would look great on one of the Gossip Girls!

  • This particular incarnation of this bag is much more interesting in person – the color is great, and the patent is some of the shiniest, most liquid-like patent I’ve ever seen. I’m no great fan of the shape, normally, although I think it works well as a simple everyday bag, but this one has some nice touches to it.

  • llson

    Cute bag, glad to see he’s returning to the silver hardware on some of his bags. My original multipockets had silver and brushed silver and it was a striking contrast, especially on the darker color.

  • Tawnee

    I saw this one in the skyblue color. It’s simply gorgeous!

  • Olivia

    I lovethis. I think I love all Marc Jacobs things.

  • love it

  • angel

    no don’t like it, too simple and not worth $1000. just like his usual $300-400 range bag

  • black bacarra

    Not crazy about patent. Some work beautifully with the bag style but not this one.

  • Merve

    This is the kind of bag u really need to see in your hand before u buy it. I agree with Amanda’s liquid comment, it looks like dark lucious ink.

  • tadpolenyc

    amanda, i love that you cover marc jacobs. keep it up!

    the multipocket is one of my favorite bags. it’s not the most exciting design, but it’s definitely functional: one strap, four exterior pockets for ids, keys, chapstick, cell, etc., and a very spacious interior. the shape is slouchy and casual cool.

    personally, i prefer gold hw over silver, but silver looks best with the patent leather. as tawnee says, the sky blue version is really pretty. i think i prefer it to the taupe/grey.

  • Roomyisbest

    I have this with gold hardware, leather with suede in the inside. Never thought i would like it as much until i saw it. However it is heavy. Worth every penny and i dont buy many bags.

  • Shorty

    Its alright I guess …….

  • Lisa

    I bought this bag in April in a salmon/coral color. It is gorgeous!! I have received more compliments on this bag than any other purse I have owned. It is not simple looking by any means. I have many other limited edition Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Dior bags, but this one is the biggest eyecatcher.

  • Claire

    I’m surprised about what you said about gold, I have a red multipocket from about 4 years ago with silver hardware. **Shrugs**

  • Angela Cole

    Can anyone tell me where I could possibly buy a black, large Marc Jacobs multipocket bag with silver buckles, just like this but black leather or patent? I am a desperate woman! I seem to have tried everywhere/every store I can online from the UK (even the recommended Nordstrom… they don’t seem to be available any more).

    I would so love to buy one for a particular landmark occasion and would REALLY appreciate any help!

    Thank you!

    • Linda P

      I have a Black Leather Marc Jacobs multi pocket bag with silver buckles that has hardly been used. Like new. 815-633-1980 Contact me if you are still interested.

  • lesliejsweeney

    hi You can buy this bag at It is the best handbag boutique and carries everything.

  • NordyGirl

    oh it comes in black as well!

  • Kat

    I just bought this in the taupe color at Bloomingdales. The patent leather is amazing, but worried how it will wear – seems to already have gotten pinched and a bit wrinkled. Anyone know?

    Can’t decide if too boring/will hate it in six months…. LOVE the taupe color and silver hardware.

  • silvia

    I adore the bags’ design–I have a teal blue one w/ silver hardware from about 4 yrs ago that I use and get compliments on it still. Patent leather is difficult in a larger size bag, it squeeks and crunches a little–better used for clutches. I adore marc jacobs’ bags, so simple, practical. and elegant.

  • Mika

    One handle bags are just not for me, they are a pain for my shoulder – the colour is interesting though and I think it would fit perfectly with black, grey and lilac…however I’m not sure if it fits with anything else.
    Funnily I’ve been waiting for silver hardware but now that it has arrived I have to say that I miss the warm shine of the golden one. ^^

  • Kendra

    I’m not liking the shiny fabric but the color is lovely. (fb)