It is just not for me. The glistening purple or fuchsia leather with the glitter stud details seems more suited for a tween than myself. Or maybe I am just not cool enough to wear it? The Marc Jacobs Glitter Shoulder Bag rocks out the vibrant hues on this bag that was spotted in the Marc Jacobs ad campaign. This bag offers more of a punk feel than other Marc Jacobs bags. There have been other studded bags from MJ that I have adored, but this is just not cutting it for me. There are two shoulder straps for carrying and the handbag is big, boisterous, and bold. Not for me, but is it for you? Buy through Net A Porter for about $1,010.

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  • Cherie L.

    Really like the colours and the metallic sheen but I will have to convince myself to buy these. Even at 25, I find these quite “loud”. It’s all very on trend with the current 80s throwback.

  • MizzJ

    Ugh. For some odd reason, the first thing I thought of when I saw these was “Full House”. Go figure.

  • mette

    These bags have no markets. The pink one might interest someone young, but then again the price is way too high. If this is leather,it surely doesn´t look like it. What´s going on with MJ ?

  • Claire

    I’m too old for this bag. And when I was young enough for it, I didn’t have the $.

  • grace

    *eyes wide open* wait wait…. i think the colors burned my cornea!!! Um…too bright for me… reminds of the 80’s!

  • wgs

    was gonna say the same thing….totally reminds me of the 80s. i can see someone carrying this with legwarmers….flashdance!

  • kng

    this would only work as a clutch, small or even orversized, but its the combination of studs, color, and shape that make it too 80s and 90s throwback for all of us, and like one commenter said above, there’s no market for something like this by MJ! but i bet forever21’s knock off will sell like hotcakes when it comes out (probably a few weeks from now…)!

  • Grace

    the purple one is ADORABLE!!!

  • Merve

    Its so loud that u would have to carry it wearing the most plain clothes in black or something… Still i wouldnt never buy that.

  • Empress

    Yuck. The 80’s were hideous the first time around. These are FUGLY bags.

  • M_butterfly

    I am not liking this colors so much.

  • Otter

    I really think the designers at MJ have lost their minds. I don’t even look at his bags anymore. It has just become such a joke.

  • bvbirdygirl

    this would definitely be a bestseller on the shelves of limited too.

  • Memete

    This is so typically the kind of bag that would shame its wearer on old photos in the future (did i make sense :D)

  • meLda

    iT’s so gOrgeouS!

    buT yeAh,,
    d’ bAg??
    its reaLLy2 expAnsiVe 4 me….

    But,,it’s Ok..
    Just mOve oN,,,
    creAted d’ goOd stuFF agAin!!

    mAybe somedAy,, u wiLL giFt me spEcial gifT^^

  • Kendra

    Bright!!! Holy cow, I would wear either of these with a black dress. (fb)

  • gingereden

    i own two of the purple… i love metallic purple. i have been looking everywhere for rebecca minkoffs met violet bags and cant find them so i settled for these as the next best thing… the perfect shade of purple!

  • veronika

    I have it in pink. Like new condition. Took it out
    only once. I am selling it for $ me if you want