MARC by Marc Jacobs Pleated Handbag

While we all have different budgets, in the world of designer handbags, a handbag under $700 seems overly reasonable to me. I am sitting here praising this leather bag so much and still a little in shock and awe that it is indeed Marc Jacobs, from the cheaper line, MARC. Typically from MARC we see cotton bags and linen with flowers and just easy to throw around (ok many time atrocities that are cheap nonetheless). But this new line is on point. First there was the cute yellow wristlet, now there is the MARC by Marc Jacobs Pleated Handbag which is not only cute but even sophisticated. Touted the Delancey style, this handbag radiated lush chocolate leather with simple and slight pleating at the top along with gold tone hardware. The shoulder strap is detachable which leaves the option of just using the buckled top handles. The lining is nothing special, but that is fine by me seeing that Chloe Paddington’s merely sport cotton lining also. Measuring 19″H x 21 1/2″W x 5″D, this is a cheap and chic bag that is a viable work bag option. Pre order at Neiman Marcus for $698.

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  • Chris

    Love this but then I love my Hudson and it reminds me a little of that:razz:

  • jen

    too big

  • Pamela

    I still believe it is too expensive for me. :sad: I am looking for something practical yet stylish, I love Fontanelli bags because they combine the elegant look of the leather with the comfort of a spacious compartment with many pockets for a mobile and other objects. I got one black Fontanelli, similar to this one for $392.00 at Goldperth. It is really nice and helpful these days. I think my bag has nothing to envy to this one, although I must say that this Marc is very attractive. :roll:

  • Joan

    upon first look, this bag looks more expensive than it is, and I would wear it.
    considering I can use my birkin, this says something.

  • catpower

    i dont care mcuh for this bag. :roll: reminds me of Miu Miu Nappa Soft Tote which is far far more gorgeous!

  • Hot bitch

    Hottt I saw this on his website last week and flipped! But now that I found its 700, too much for marc by marc, but its a gorgeous kind of take on Miu Miu.

  • vixen_1013

    This one seems nice. Although I’m also surprised that it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs too. I wonder what the inside looks like. I wonder if the leather is as buttery as what prada and miu miu use.

  • thisismypurse

    Looks like a lovely work bag to me. Please forgive this silly question–why is the leather called chocolate? It looks black to me — is it a gradation of black?

  • cosmofunshop

    looks quite luxurious for MARC though gotta see the lining first… price wise it is definitely more affordable than the first born … MJ … :lol:

  • SqueakyWheel

    I don’t love bags that look like they could be called briefcases, and this one does.

  • jessie

    AMAZING bag. perfect for weekends! :lol:

  • Kendra

    Perfect! (fb)

  • Naggy

    I’m yawning over here. (ipad)