It’s rare that I take a vacation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t raised a traveler, and although I enjoy it, it’s rare that I actually DO it without a specific reason – someone to go see, something to attend, general fabulousness to spread. As it turns out, I have someone to go see in November, and I find myself fresh out of suitcases.

I feel like such an underachiever – suitcases are something that normal people have, right? I’ve blown through untold thousands of dollars of handbags in my time, but sadly, my only travel bag is a Vera Bradley duffel so worn out that it looks suspiciously like it was made out of old potholders (incidentally, the boy I am going to see is the one that pointed out that my bag looks like a potholder, and as much as I hate to admit that he’s ever right about anything, uh, it totally does).

I’ve got another complication to my situation – when I travel, I fly through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, which is the busiest terminal in the known universe and a veritable sink hole for black Samsonite luggage. When we went on school trips, we were always provided with craft products – pipe cleaners, feathers, brightly colored tape – to label our bags and distinguish them from the dark, hulking masses of luggage that would be loaded on to our plane.

As a result, buying black luggage has always seemed like a terrible idea to me. Besides, utilitarian black bags are not really my style, and if I’m going to spend money on something, I’m going to get something HOT.

So, after a bit of a search, I’ve found a suitcase that I would be proud to call my own (and I would surely be able to spot on the luggage trolley): the Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Wheely. Red is my absolute favorite color, and patent leather always seems like it resists stains and wear and tear better than the regular alternative. The design of the suitcase itself is simple enough, and it has the adorable printed lining that Marc by Marc Jacobs is known for. It also seems perfectly functional, with several large pockets and an automatic handle for wheeling. These may not be revolutionary features, but it’s always nice when a designer remembers the practical purpose of their product.

At $698, the price seems a bit steep to me, but if I was a more regular traveler and in the market for a new suitcase (that is also the correct dimensions for a carry-on!), this would, without a doubt, be at the top of my wish list.

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  • jane


    Red’s my favorite color, too :mrgreen:

  • dela

    It’s a great statement piece. Love the color.
    I also love Samsonite black label.

  • I would go with a samsonite black label suitcase if i was traveling

  • Anne

    Not worth it. Checked bags are chucked around and carry ons (assuming you don’t have to gate check them) still get filthy being carted around a shoved into the bins. Unless a suitcase has some special feature, and a designer label does not count, there is no reason to pick it over a similarly brightly colored $50 bag from TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

    If you do travel a lot and can afford it, go for realistically desirable features from a reputable luggage manufacturer.

    That said, it is awfully shiny ;)

  • You won’t miss this one on baggage turn-wheel. It’s good looking luggage but I would worry about it being chucked around like what Anne said.

  • JamieH

    You don’t have to worry about the beautiful patent leather getting scuffed in the luggage carasol- the dimensions for this wheely are about average for the maximum size of a carry-on.

  • Jess

    Wow… I love it! Red is my color and this is perfect for the weekend trips. I don’t usually check baggage for such a short trip because I like to just jump off the plane and go (especially at ATL, yuck!). Thanks for the suggestion, Amanda!

  • OMG i’ve been obsessing over luggage the past two weeks too bc my luggage sucked…i feel like you’re inside my brain! actually, i opted to go for a lesser priced set and got the DVF wheeled laptop bag and wheeled duffel…

    with that said, i JUST saw this marc by marc jacobs suitcase (my favorite designer by the way) yesterday at nordstrom and it is QUITE impressive. the dimensions definitely look like something you could take as a carry on. so not only can you take it with you safely onto the plane, but you can impress all of the passengers around you! LOVE IT!! even though i just bought two pieces recently, i’m hoping this piece goes on sale at nordy’s!

  • I really like this. It’s fun.

  • Looks like it’s just been in a red paint shower rain, lol. Maybe the sample picture has undergone some resizing and compression that the bag appears to lose its shine. Could be better if added with some wavy golden pattern?

    The inside looks a bit simple and low-end, with few organizing design. Anne was right, the designer label didn’t count this time. Price is ridiculously high, considering the feature-less handles and zippers. You can get a way-much better bag from Samsonite or other high-end brands.

  • raspberry

    very pretty. But, I would need a bigger luggage than that.

  • Tiffani Harrison Birckett


  • Alvira Khan

    When traveling, it is so useful to have a bag that is different and bright so that it is easy to identify on the baggage belt. I like the red as it is eye catching and trendy at the same time.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumni

  • Kendra

    No, no way. (fb)

  • Irene

    Hey Amanda, or anyone would know,

    Is there a brown patent leather wheely by Marc too? I once saw it but never been able to find it online or anywhere in the store.

    Really loved that brown one. (No offense to the red-ie) =p