marc by marc jacobs magazine clutch
Marc by Marc Jacobs Magazine Clutch

Now this is a purse that I have been drooling over for quite some time. Simple, fun, and cheap, what more could you ask for? Ok, so there are a few aspects that I am sure many of you would love to see spiced up; no structure, quite flat, and simple, but these are the precise reasons I love this clutch! Marc Jacobs has been able to deliver with many of his accessories, and lately I have love for his Marc by Marc line, which means CHEAPER! I will take cheaper and cuter than the big sis line any day. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Magazine Clutch combines cream leather with beige contrast leather panels giving a vanilla frappuccino smooth look. The colors are ideal, and somehow reminiscent of an old world feel, but the inside is lined in fuchsia print lining which gives a new world look. The outside is minimalistic, making this retro bag current. I can’t explain it, but something about this bag has always had my attention and always seems to keep my attention. It does get hard to carry around a flat clutch, but my small hands could carry it perfectly and wear this bag from season to season. Buy through Net A Porter for $370.

marc by marc jacobs magazine clutch1
Marc by Marc Jacobs Magazine Clutch detail shot

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Love the little lock detail. Very cute.

  • Anilu Magloire

    Don’t know where to ask this, but I have been wondering if you have posted your bag collection in the forum somewhere?? I’d love to take a peek at it :wink:

  • Tina

    I really like this bag in this color! I want it!

  • pursecrzy

    The lining is fabulous!

  • william

    The lock and headache inducing lining ruin it for me. I liked the MbMJ magazine clutch from the spring collection more because I prefer very simple, leather clutches.

  • Amanda

    I really like this entire line from MbMJ. Bright linings make things easy to find inside, and the way the lock mechanism works when you play with it in real life is really cute. I’m coveting the hobo from this line is fuchsia and black!

  • kristin

    wow, you are so right. i dont know what IT is but this bag is IT for me. i wish i could take it on my cruise, but i leave saturday. something about it, i love it!

  • dyjann

    Personally, i don’t think it’s practical for my own use. But it’s one of those bags that brings a smile to my face when i look at it. Love that lil’ lock :smile:

  • judy

    I too saw this bag and loved it. I was a little nervous about how practical it would be. But, since I view my handbags as a collection and I had $300 in Saks gift cards burning a hole in my pocket I ordered it. It came yesterday. I love the lock. But the cream is more grayish than I expected it to be. I know after the gift cards it costs only $68 plus tax, but now I’m unsure about it. I’m giving myself two days to think about it. A bag that I bought in the past and was unsure about is now my favorite bag ever. I’m so confused.

  • Melody C

    My hubby just got this for me for our 12th anniversary !!!! And I must say that it is one of the most gorgeous clutches EVER !!!

  • Alvira Khan

    I like this clutch as the colors are so beautiful together. I like the pink interior, it adds a modern flare to it.

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumni

  • RAE

    Hi! Great thought, but could this truly do the job?

  • Kendra

    Ew. (fb)