During my most recent perusal of Louis Vuitton’s new arrivals on the brand’s website, I came across something that shocked even me: a crocodile version of the beautiful new Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag, retailing for a mind-boggling $55,500. I have a couple questions, including, why couldn’t they leave off the $500 and make it a nice, round number?

My other major question was whether or not this is Louis Vuitton’s most expensive handbag of all time, and according to my research, it’s not. The Richest counts two special edition Louis Vuitton minaudieres at more than $100,000 apiece, but neither was made out of traditional handbag materials, so that seems like cheating. When you narrow the list down to regular handbags, the most expensive representative of which I can find record is the Dora PM in crocodile, which is close (but no cigar) at $50,000 currently; the most expensive previous version of the bag was $54,500. This bag, in my humble opinion, is leaps and bounds more beautiful than that one.

With that in mind, I’m comfortable declaring this bag the brand’s most expensive leather offering of all time, and for the most powerful luxury brand in the world, that’s worth noting. Louis Vuitton has been ramping up its leather and exotic offerings for years in an effort to charm the world’s wealthiest shoppers, and it seems clear this model is meant to compete head-on with the ultra-rare, ultra-expensive exotic versions of the Hermès Birkin. Someone had to take on that iconic bag eventually, and there’s perhaps no one more qualified than Nicolas Ghesquiere at Louis Vuitton.

Check out the bag for yourself at Louis Vuitton; to purchase, you’ll have to have your people call their people.

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  • Sydney

    Did you check out the price for the Chistopher PM crocodile in men section yet? ;)

    • Not a handbag! :) Men’s bags are usually bigger and often scaled for travel use, so they’ll naturally be more expensive when the same materials are used. We’re trying our best to compare apples to apples here to see the brand’s pricing progression over time, so it’s just women’s handbags.

      • Christofle

        The Haute maroquinerie bags in croc are actually pricier but since they are made to order I guess you might say that they are in a different category.

      • Yoboseyo

        Hi Amanda, please do update monogram backpack!!! This is old news and not a new story in Japan. Cheers.

      • Cherly

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  • Lori

    I don’t like the contrast color. I feel like they should have done something more complimentary, a darker version of the bag color. But what do I know?! :-)

  • FashionableLena

    I never would have guessed as that red contrast stitching makes it look cheap.

    • Edia

      its just the edge-dye thats red. its a louis vuitton signature. like the color of the leather kind of looks like VVN? i think thats what they were going for. its über LV like that :3

  • Charlie

    Well, it does look a bit like the Birkin so the price would be a match too

  • Sparkletastic

    This looks dated to me. Wouldn’t buy it for $550

  • Sara

    Birkin and Prada’s lovechild. The price tag shouldn’t shock us.

  • julie

    Screams “I WANNABE A BIRKIN”

    • Shirley Gourdine

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    • Sara

      Screams “HELP…I USED TO BE A BIRKIN”

  • Pookie

    Well there was that one patchwork bag Beyonce had… and it was a prettyyyy penny – pretty sure it was higher than this.

    • Pookie

      I just looked it up – and it rings in just 10K shy of this one!

    • girlscoutnocookie

      My thought too! I’d actually buy that patchwork bag. It was so ugly that it was good…for me at least. (I’d also spend the extra 10K on a Birkin)

  • Elisha Pritchard

    Gross! I wouldn’t carry it even if it was free. If you’re going to create something with that kind of price tag, at the very least make sure it: a) doesn’t look like a cheap knock off from the back streets of China & b) has some sort of original aesthetic merit instead of a design lazily copied from someone else’s iconic piece. We all accuse Michael Kors & Coach of doing this every other week; LV shouldn’t escape the same harsh criticism. I look at this bag & I just think ‘lazy’!

    • I agree with you, judging by the photo. But maybe the photo doesn’t do it justice! Maybe if you went to an LV boutique and saw the bag and touched it and held it, you would change your mind.

  • David

    I think the crocodile Sac Louis was more…

  • StargazerSpider

    Sorry, nope, not feeling it at all. For that price tag, I would have expected a more unique aesthetic, not some typical boxy bag that is trying too hard. In contrast, the LV Capucines bag is far prettier; I wonder if there is a crocodile version of that?

  • kemilia

    Maybe the $500 dollars is for the silly, useless, dangling little padlock, which was kinda cool decades ago on the speedy but detracts from this bag’s look, which is just “ok” at best. I agree with those saying this screams Birkin.

  • Alexandra

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  • Passerine

    I’ve seen the non-exotic version in the store and…mehhh. The exotic doesn’t appeal; nor does the regular leather, esp in that olive color. IF (and this is a highly unlikely if) I were to buy an exotic, I’d buy either the Bellevue or Lune bags from Loro Piana — which would leave enough left over in my wallet to buy a Kelly and a few LV or Bottega Veneta bags as well. I’d love to get the Lune bag if they still have it in regular leather (they did last year and I could have bought one for 30% off; I’m still kicking myself for not doing it).

  • for that price, maybe they can do a better job on the craftsmanship ?
    just look at the painted edges. those stuff on taobao has better finishing then this !

  • Me

    Yes, this is totally a Birkin rip-off. That zipper and long strap are totally stolen. And they couldn’t even get it right; where’s the flap that tucks around the handles, and the belt-like strap to keep all that foolishness in place?

    O-M-G it’s a trapezoid with handles! That means it’s a Birkin rip off! Run for your lives!

    You people are nuts. Smh