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  • Yazi

    It looks so plain. I know half a dozen (at least!) handbag brands that have bags with a similar shape and at a fraction of what LV is asking, There’s nothing special about this bag.

  • ellavanw

    Oh good. An expensive, heavy LV Birkin to match the LV Kelly (the Capucines) and the LV Bolide (Alma, and yes I know the Alma may predate the Bolide).

  • Dylan Propst

    You know how sometimes at kiosks in the mall, you see bags that are clearly knockoffs even though they may not have a brand label on it?
    This is that bag.


    How much is LVMH paying you guys to push this super regular on us reader? This bag could not be more plain if they tried. Boring, boring, boring.

    • To be clear: all sponsored content is clearly marked as such and I just really like this bag.

      • Lindsay

        I love this bag too! I went in to the Louis Vuitton Dallas store today and could not take my eyes off of the cream and navy color. I am a fan of really structured bags and own the sac de jour small in black with gold hardware. Regardless, everyone had their own taste which makes fashion fun.

      • Kristy

        how much do you like the sac de jour??? I am thinking about it too, is it practical to use it as a daily bag??? they have so many nice, beautiful colors to choose from, I kinda want each color :) but no, can only pick one ;) thank you!

      • Lindsay

        Hi Kristy! Yes, it is a great everyday bag. I got the “small” size which actually still fits an iPad and makes a great daily/work bag. The construction is high quality and beautiful – nicely lined, etc. The strap also comes in handy so you may have full use of your hands and I even wear it cross body sometimes when running errands. I got the classic black with GHW – but all the colors and leathers are truly gorgeous! Go into the store and try a few on and see what you think :)

      • ?? ?

        hope this makes you feel better :
        This bag is unexpectedly popular amongst celebrites here in China. and I personally like the sleek yet classic design…not remind me of birkins at all

        Some people out there are probably so obsessed with the originality, they may forget one simple fact that all purses are designed to be used by human beings not aliens.
        Are they big enough for files? zipped or not? top handles or shoulder straps….
        all this elements are the basic requirements for a bag, the best a designer can do is to creative his(her) versions of understanding and to see whether or not customers buys it…maybe time will tell us everything, we just wait and see.

  • The Loewe puzzle bag is so much more creative and interesting than this bag, and it costs around half the price.

  • Azaleafox

    The red one is pretty, but it looks like so many other bags. When will the creativity flow again!!

  • ECooper

    If Birkin and Prada had a baby…

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    • crescent

      I was thinking Birkin and Saint Laurent

      • Sara

        Birkin, Prada & Saint Laurent had a threesome!!

  • Sara

    It looks like a cheap “inspiration” knock off you would find at K-Mart or Target. No originality whatsoever. A price tag like that SHOULD come with originality. Disappointing.

  • smccloset

    how come the only people that post on this site are people with negative comments and many that probably can’t afford any of these bags? can we see some posts from people that are truly useful and insightful not rude and insulting while this bag seems to be a similar style to many it is a popular style and versions exist among many top designers just like a bucket, a dr or a hobo style. Editors, can you explain what sets this one apart and give some lmre details on the interior and features of this bag? thanks

    • Sara

      Yes there is some negativity as always I agree. But as a handbag lover I agree with all that is said about this bag. I have 5 LVs (monogram and Epi) but I would never purchase this one. Why? because it is not LV style at all. It’s a combination of Hermes/Prada/Fendi and even MK. The leather is boringly stiff and smooth in a cheap way and will be easily scratched. The lock is done to death by other designers and the colour combinations and the studded number are simply ghastly…bordering on old lady bags. Sorry to be negative but LV is my fav brand but this bag is choking me.

  • oui

    It’s very Zara of them.

    • Immodest Goddess


      • Mya Wilkes

        LOL I know right? but kinda spot on.

  • Pookie

    I don’t understand what people are talking about when they say a bag is plain or they want creativity. A bag is an investment, and no, I do not want over designed or out there investment pieces!! It’s actually delusional. If the bag said Celine they would be all over it too. And what is with people’s obsession with leaving the negative comments?? It’s on every blog these days, it’s just sad. Anyway, the bag is so beautiful but LV is so damn expensive!

  • Jerri R

    Great now there are people whining about the negative comments here. Does it really matter what other people think, when it comes to one’s own taste of bags?

  • Sparky

    I think its quite beautiful and classic, but I wouldn’t pay more than $2,700.

  • Canuck65

    i love it – especially the rubis and the black/white bicolour.

  • justa9url

    I appreciate how they tried to add this sort of bag into their line up but this one is not my cup of tea, especially the lock, it just looks random and out of place. I much prefer the Capucines over this one.

  • Thomas

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  • Immodest Goddess

    Finally a Louis that doesn’t make me want to spend my money

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  • Kayla Kriistina

    Shoot.. So i honestly thought this bag was mediocre when I saw it online. I was like meh, it’s aight. Anyways, I went into the store today because I got something fixed & the first thing I see is this bag in black. I asked to see it and when I held it, I knew I just had to get it. I have it on pre-order for the manulife event that holt renfrew is having where you get 10% manulife dollars back to spend. All in all, I’m super excited when I officially get to carry it!!

  • Suzanne

    I’ll go ahead and be way in the minority, but I quite like it. It’s sleek, I like the handles, and it looks like gorgeous leather, but then I haven’t felt it in person. I’d buy it if I had the money, but I do think it should be more around $3000-$3500 in cost.

  • TK

    Is it me or do these bags looked heavily photoshopped / computer rendered?

  • R.H.

    This bag is a beautiful, simple, classic Louis Vuitton interpretation of a basic tote. Not every tote with two handles is a birkin wanna be, IMO. The handles are very Louis, and the lock brings back an homage to the days of trunks. Love the classic black and red, but would love to see it in more multi color combos as well. Hope this one is here to stay.

  • alisha

    dose anybody know where you cant get this cheaper ?

  • J.L.

    I’m honestly surprised at the negative comments here. Seriously have you guys seen this in person? It’s gorgeous! Especially the olive and cream color combo. This does NOT look like a cheap knockoff and if you’re into structured bags you’ll like this one. I agree that there’re similar designs out there, but I’m still loving it!

  • Anny

    Ok, i just saw this style and really wanted to have the green and black mm but when the saleslady said that’s theres only 7 of the green/black/brown pm in the whole USA, then i know i have to have that one. Huh…