Meet the newest member of our family, Millie Jean Dusil, who arrived Monday, November 21st at 8:14pm. I’ve never felt so many emotions in such a short amount of time or a love like this. I know all of you who are mothers will understand me when I say how crazy the first week is. One day you are pregnant and the next minute you have your baby by your side and are adjusting to life as a parent and before you know it you are taking your little one home from the hospital. I was discharged from the hospital on Thanksgiving day and made it home just in time for Thanksgiving dinner; talk about something to be thankful for!

I planned on sharing the arrival of our little one with you much sooner, but you know the saying “best laid plans”? Well, I can honestly say that my delivery did not go as planned, but that doesn’t change that it was one of the best days of my life. I learned early on my pregnancy that you just have to go with the flow, and the more I seemed to try to make plans, the more our daughter and life laughed and said ‘not a chance’. If you’ve followed my other posts, you know that it took us a bit to get pregnant, then we moved to NYC to get away from Zika, and then wound up back in Florida. My pregnancy itself was relatively easy; a bit of morning sickness, low iron, but overall I had it easy.

Millie was due on November 20th but my doctor saw me the week before my due date and said it didn’t look like she planned to be on time. He’d allow me to go 7-10 days past my due date if everything looked ok, and up until that point everything did. I went in for my checkup last week Monday, a day past my due date, feeling no signs of labor at all. The doctor had me start with an ultrasound to check on the baby and in that room I knew something was off. Not terribly off, but something was different and I was anxious to hear.


Truth is I still wasn’t in labor, not dilated or effaced and baby girl was pretty happy in my belly. The doctor came in to let me know the problem was my amniotic fluid levels were really low. It was time to make a plan, and the plan was get her out. After a few more tests, the doctors agreed it was important that she arrive healthy and soon. Having low amniotic fluid poses a risk to the baby as she can go into distress and it also can lead to complications during a longer labor and delivery since the umbilical cord can compress and cut off supply to the baby as there isn’t enough fluid for the cord to ‘float’ in. We were sent across the street to check in to the hospital and 3 hours later Millie Jean arrived by C-section.

I had never even considered a C-section as an option. I always knew I would be open to one if it came down to it, but I had some sort of vision in my head on how she’d arrive. I was actually still considering delivering her without drugs but in our birth classes they told us if you had an epidural to bring an iPad to watch movies while you wait. Either way my vision of my labor and delivery never factored a C-section into play and because of the low amniotic fluid and the complications that can arise from that, the doctors all agreed a C-section was the way to go.

I know everyone’s experience is different. I’ve had a few surgeries in my life and I’ve handled all of them really well, so I figured this would be similar. I’ve had plenty of friends who’ve had C-sections and many said it wasn’t too bad but I had a really hard time. I had a weird reaction to the drugs I received for the surgery and after surgery the doctor had to give me different drugs to try to reverse the initial drugs. I remember being so upset because I had to be in recovery for a while as they tried to help me feel a bit better and I didn’t get to be with Millie. I didn’t plan on that, I always thought I’d get immediate skin to skin and bonding time with my baby. The pain post-surgery was also pretty intense, but it probably didn’t help that I kept refusing stronger painkillers and would only take Motrin. The first few days were really rough and am just starting to feel a bit more human again.

What I can tell you is I would go through it all again and again and again to have our baby girl here and healthy. Millie arrived completely healthy and that is what mattered most to us that she and I were ok. She’s been a really good baby, sleeps and eats well. Somehow she has a head of hair, which baffles us both because I was bald until I was 2. I’ve been so lucky to have the help of my family and Vlad this first week as I’ve been recovering from the C-section and taking care of this little one. Vlad and I are so in love and we wanted to share the newest member of our family with you!

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  • Yoshi1296

    AWW!! Congrats!! Sending lots of love!

  • Smithy

    She’s beautiful !!! Love the name. You have a friend for life. Congrats.

  • JHH

    Congratulations! You will hear it many more times to be sure, but she is beautiful.

  • GoBears95

    Beautiful. Congratulations. Good job you guys. ( I can smell how sweet she is.)

  • Tang

    Congrats! Rest well!

  • Anjum Hameed

    ?????????? The most beautiful thing on earth, ones baby!..congratulations, and may she grow into a strong, caring, loving human being, with the capacity of boundless love for all, amen..

    • Thank you!! We are so in love with her, she truly brings us such joy!

  • crissy

    Congratulations! she’s so beautiful..

  • Ellen Peters


  • Eos

    Congratulations ! She’s so beautiful !

    Megs, I’m so sorry you had to go through this experience. I was afraid of that when you told us she was taking her time. The problem with the amniotic fluid.
    I guess they did not try to make labour start chemically because it is quite risky, due to the lack of amniotic fluid. They would have had to send the baby oxygen during the whole labour and there would have been many chances that you’d end up with an emergency C-section anyway. The heart of the baby would have gone through a rough time and so on.
    Trust me, it was the best choice.
    I’ve been through quite the same scenario, no amniotic fluid at all anymore, and they did not want to make a C-section because it is expensive. So 27 hours of labour, and 3 heart attacks for my son. He’s here and healthy now, almost 3 years old, but we will never forget.
    This will make laugh, guess what they told me after his birth ? “Well, you see, this kid wants to live, he survived the whole thing !”

    • SO SCARY! That is exactly what the Dr was afraid of and why he wanted me to get the C-section and get her out quickly. I’m so sorry you had to go through that but I’m so glad your little guy is ok!

  • Sparky

    Ooooo! So sweet! Absolute angel. Wonderful news. CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!

  • Jadzia

    She is beautiful. Congratulations!

  • FashionableLena

    All that matters is that Millie got here safely. That should always be the goal. Congratulations!

  • Lina Lee

    Omg! She is a beautiful baby! ? Congrats on having her! May god protect her! ?

  • Lily

    So precious! Congratulations to you both on your beautiful baby girl!

  • Hclubfan

    Soooooo happy for you both, and she is absolutely beautiful!!???????? I can only imagine the ups and downs of her arrival date, but I’m so happy you’re both doing well. Can’t wait to follow her milestones on tpb and tpf!

    • Thank you!! Ya, it was a little intense! Looking forward to sharing more of this little one, she is such a doll!

  • kemilia

    Congrats! Little Millie is just so beautiful!!!!

    Every morning I come to this site hoping for baby news and finally, I get to see a wonderful pic of a sweet new baby. Good health to you both, and of course, to the new Dad.

    • Ah yes!! I know, I thought I’d be able to share sooner, but nothing ever quite works out how you think it will!

  • EEE

    Congratulations!! Absolutely adorable!!

  • Amazona

    Congratulations! The miracle of life never loses its shine. Enjoy your own miracle <3

  • Biogirl


  • V

    Absolute Joy! Congratulations to the Dusil Family. Millie is beautiful…and tiny. Enjoy that baby smell. Sending love your way!!

    • She was a little butterball!! She’s growing fast but I considered her ‘petite’!

  • sev2108

    Congratulations! I’m so glad she arrived healthy and happy and I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. Love those newborn snuggles! xo

  • MaureenB

    Congratulations! Millie is so beautiful! Every time I see pictures of little babies it reminds me of what a miracle and how precious life is!

  • Oh! She’s so precious. Congratulations Megs and Vlad. I hope you both enjoy this precious time with your sweet little one. Lots of love to you 3!

  • Jennifer FP

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful! The first 6 weeks were the hardest-do your best and it will all be fine :)

    • We’re half way thru the first 6 weeks and hanging in there! She’s been such a dream to be honest :)

  • Gigi

    She is absolutely stunning! Congratulations :’)

  • C

    Congrats to you and Vlad! Millie is beautiful. It’s so funny and cute that you were a bald baby.

    • I barely had hair until I was almost 3!!! So having her have hair has been so funny!

  • laura

    Congratulations, she is so precious. I completely understand what you went through. The exact same thing happened to me -I was past my due date and no signs of labor with amniotic fluid really low. I recovered really fast from my c-section but I know it can be really painful for some more than others. Best of luck as a new mom and I hope you have a fast recovery. Again, congratulations to you and Vlad!!!

    • Ah, it is a bit scary, right?! Glad you recovered well, I’ve heard some people have really easy recoveries and some take longer – wonder why! But either way, we are so glad she’s here and healthy!

  • Lori

    Congratulations! Being a mom is the best! And also super hard, but still the best!

  • Nikia

    Congratulations to you and Vlad! I’m glad to hear that you and Millie are doing fine. Enjoy every moment and take it all in, because time will fly by with your little one.

  • Sara

    She is perfect. Congratulations :-)

  • AshleyG

    I wasn’t ready for the cuteness- congrats and blessings, Megs and Vlad!!!

  • jg

    Congratulations! Enjoy the magical first weeks! So happy for all you! :)

  • crescent

    Congratulations to you and Vlad! Hope you recover soon.

  • LAXBaglover

    Congratulations – she’s adorable! Totally can empathize with a tough C-section. I had a planned C-section but also had a terrible reaction to the spinal. I immediately got the worst headache of my life and actually my heart rate dropped to 40 and then they over corrected with drugs so my blood pressure shot up. My baby was perfectly happy and healthy, but that was a scary experience. No matter what I can honestly say that being a parent has been the most profound love I’ve ever felt. Best wishes to you and your family!

    • Ya, that was like me (I mean different but I didn’t react well either). It’s so hard because you want to be meeting your baby not feeling horrible, but so glad you and your baby are ok too!

  • Veit Bui

    OMG congratulation Megs! what a beautiful baby! let’s just say no amount of bags can compare to her cuteness :)

    • Haha thank you!!! I know, she is really cute and just has been such a great baby!

  • JennyErin

    Congrats Megs and Vlad!!! I’m sorry your birthing experience was less than ideal but so glad baby Millie is happy and healthy!!!! She is just perfect!

    • Thank you!!! I know, I am bummed but she and I are both healthy and that is truly what matters!

  • Kweenhelene

    Congrats to you and Vlad! She’s an angel! I had an unplanned C-section with my middle son and I know the feeling of having your labor not going the way you think it’s going to go. But like you said, the end result is the same and you have your beautiful little daughter. Make sure you rest up and take care of yourself too. I did too much too soon and wound up with an infection in my stitches and a horrible strep throat. Not the way I wanted to spend the first couple of weeks of my son’s life, but he’s an amazingl 19 year old college student and radio disc jockey now! Enjoy your little family! Happy holidays!

    • Ya, it’s hard when you are overjoyed to have a healthy baby but it didn’t quite go as planned! I’ve had so much help from my family and Vlad and so far I’m healing well!

  • Sandy

    She is beautiful!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Awwwwww Megs ???????. I’m so excited for you and Vlad, she’s precious!!!! I think I see Vlad in her face as well. So sorry for what you went through, hope you feel stronger and stronger as each day passes.

    Sending lots of love and the very best of wishes to you three.

    • Each day is a little better!! And I know, she looks so much like her daddy – it’s hilarious to me!

  • TT

    Congrats Megs!

  • dela

    Congratulations to the happy parents! She is absolutely adorable.

  • mary

    congrats, Meg & Vlad. She’s very cute

  • Aoedele

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, she is a gorgeous baby and I wish you and your family health and happiness.


    Congratulations Megs and Vlad! Baby Millie Jean (what a beautiful name!) looks just like her dad. Megs, you have to eat a lot of chicken soup with ghee! Temper a pinch of fenugreek seeds in ghee let it turn darker in color then add chicken and add turmeric, a little bit of ajwain powder (carom seed powder) and salt to taste then add water. The carom seeds and fenugreek seeds help the mother produce a lot of milk that the baby needs and the ghee will be very nutritious for the mother. In our culture this is all that the new mothers eat along with rice besides getting massage every day of course :)

    Hope you recover soon. and enjoy every little moment with your bundle of joy! what a cutie pie! god bless her!


    • Massage every day?! I like that part!!

      Thank you for the tips, really appreciate it! And yes, she looks just like Vlad :)

  • Nyc

    Omg what a beautiful little angel! I went through exactly the same just last year now my baby is almost 1 ! Congratulations !!

  • Vicky

    She’s so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  • Congratulations! She is adorable xx