As you might’ve noticed, I’ve been a bit MIA, and so much has happened in the past few weeks that I don’t even know where to start. What I can start with is our baby girl hasn’t made her appearance yet, and today I am officially 40 weeks, 1 day. Yep, I know–I have zero idea how we’re already here. I remember feeling like time was going fairly slowly, and then one day I woke up and was like, “Well, I’m 39 weeks today.” When I saw my doctor last week, he said he thinks she is taking her time and will show up late; I guess she’s pretty comfortable in there.

The good news is, in general, I feel really good. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sleep incredibly well at night, I wake up a few times to go to the bathroom and have a harder time falling back asleep, but overall I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant and can’t believe how fast it all flew by! There’s a lot of anticipation now, especially since my due date has come and gone. It’s like that feeling you get before a big, important test or work event, and you know you’ll be ok, but you aren’t sure what to expect. Plus, in the case of labor and delivery, I’ve never done it and don’t know when it will happen, and there’s no way to fully prepare for the experience. We’re finishing up some last-minute house things before she arrives, which included me telling Vlad that we HAD to get some of our Christmas decorations up. I don’t know what made me think that had to happen, but I got my mind set on it over the weekend, and we went to our storage unit to load up the car and set up. I see the doctor this afternoon, and for all I know I could go into labor any minute. But for now, it’s a waiting game and it’s all on her schedule, not mine.

Last I told you, I was having the baby in NYC. That all changed, and now I’m back in Florida as of a few weeks ago to have the baby in Florida. To make a really long, really scary story short, I had a growth ultrasound in NYC that ended up being read incorrectly, (If I even went into all of the details, you’d be beyond shocked, which is how we felt as well.) and the doctor thought there could be a skeletal issue with the baby. It hit me like a truck; we didn’t see how this could be the case since nothing had ever been irregular in the ultrasounds before, and after quite the scare, it turns out the tech measured her wrong and she is fine. It was the most stressful situation I’ve ever been in, and everything else that seemed ‘big’ in my life was no longer big at all. All I cared about was our baby’s health and what we could do to take care of her. If something had really been wrong, I wanted to be back in Florida where my family is and wanted to make a plan of what to do to take care of our baby the best we could. I’m thankful to the doctors we have in Florida who took care of us, and I am really looking forward to meeting this little one–boy, do I have so many stories about her earliest days for her when she’s older!

Soon after we found out that the baby was ok, Vlad learned his father had passed away unexpectedly. To say he is heartbroken is an understatement. There is never a good time to lose a loved one, but there was something about the timing–only 3.5 weeks before the baby was due–that seemed even more unfair. Vlad’s dad was so excited to meet his granddaughter (she’s the first grandchild for both of our parents), and while it isn’t at all what we expected or wanted, I believe they already have a special bond. It’s been a really emotional time (pregnancy does that to you), but the loss of a parent is extremely difficult and I can’t pretend this has been easy. What we keep focusing on is the fact that a new life is joining us, and we know how much Vlad’s dad would want us to enjoy every minute with this little one. I know there will be so many moments when Vlad wishes his dad were here to see him be a father, and while we can’t ever replace that, we will do our best to tell stories and share photos so that our daughter knows about her Opa. Life doesn’t always go how you expect, but it continues going, so while we will have so many sad moments over the loss of his dad, we’ve been able to find happiness in great memories and knowing that while Vlad’s dad isn’t here with us physically, we feel him with us every day.

We’ll keep you posted on the arrival of baby girl PurseBlog! ❤ Megs

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