When we started PurseBlog and PurseForum 11 years ago, we decided I’d write, Vlad would focus on tech and the majority of our content would be about designer bags. I’d share my thoughts on a bag with you and I’d chat with the ladies on our PurseForum, but I didn’t want to go overboard in sharing myself or my personal life. I’d sprinkle it in here and there–enough that I do think I’ve shared quite a bit of my life–but recently Vlad and I’ve been thinking we’d like to share more.

This isn’t turning into a personal blog or a style blog; this site will remain about accessories and the fashion items you love, but weekly, I’ll get a little more personal with you. After 11 years, we are more than a blog and I feel like I’ve built relationships with so many of our readers. I want there to be less of a disconnect there, and more of an open dialogue that goes past bags at times. Every week, I’ll be sharing a bit about my week or life, and this way talking about my pregnancy or other happenings won’t have to be tied to a post about a bag. I’m so happy to have so many of you that come back every day and chat with us, and I want to do the same in a new way. So let’s get started!


I talked about it in a random post, but since I’m pregnant and the situation in South Florida was getting a little scary with Zika, Vlad and I decided to head to NYC and out of harm’s way about a month ago. When Zika started to be transmitted in the Miami area, I took it very seriously. There are so many unknowns about the disease, and when the CDC showed the area of active transmission, both Vlad and I realized we had been there quite a few times in the active time frame. So of course I flipped out and called my doctor’s office, and my OBGYN said both Vlad and I should be tested. Our tests came back negative, but a few days after that, we packed up and decided to come to NYC. At first we didn’t know how long we’d stay, but ultimately we decided to stay in NYC and deliver our baby girl here. Although I am sure I’d probably be okay even if I had stayed in Florida (I was hyper vigilant and wore long sleeves, long pants and bug spray daily), it was scary thinking that any time I opened the door or walked outside, there was potential to be bitten by a mosquito that could really harm our baby. So here we are, in NYC, trying to figure out the logistics of it all!

I’ve been adjusting back to life in NYC, and the only problem I’ve had the past month is the heat! It has been so warm, and any of you who have been pregnant know how warm you get during pregnancy. I’m always hot here, to the point where I looked like a crazy lady taking off every layer possible in a meeting last week. Actually, just yesterday I got so overheated and dehydrated that I had to leave mid manicure because I seriously felt ill. But the heat is supposedly past us now, and I’m looking forward to fall! Plus, I have quite the story to tell our baby girl when she’s old enough to hear about where she was born. Today I actually had to wear a light jacket when we were out (taking these pics and going for a walk), so the weather change is beyond welcomed.


Speaking of our baby, I haven’t even shared one of her ultrasound photos on my Facebook page, but I want to share with you! Though every ultrasound scan has been really amazing to watch her grow, I never got an idea of what her face looked like. We haven’t done a 3D ultrasound scan yet (Should we? I’m undecided), but this past round gave us a great look at her sweet little face. She was opening her eyes and opening her mouth, and when the tech hit the right angle we got a look at her face, I melted. It was amazing, and I stare at the picture often.

Next week is a big week for us because I’m having my baby shower, so my friends and family are traveling to join us, and many of my NYC friends are able to be there as well. I’ll be sure to share it with you all, and I’m really excited, but I’m still trying to find the right baby shower dress–if you have suggestions, let me know below! Hope you all had a great week!

❤ Megs


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  • Lisa

    I totally sympathize, Megs! My daughter was born on July 20 in New Jersey (26 years ago but it feels like yesterday) and OMG was it hot that last month. Just remember how hot and humid Florida would have been :-) If you’re at the stage where your ankles are swelling, you might find sandals cooler and more comfortable than even sneakers. Somehow, if your feet are hot, every inch is hot! Gold Bond powder helps.

    I know you will look adorable in whatever you wear for your shower, so mainly it’s about what’s comfortable. Enjoy!!

    • Sandals end up leaving marks all over my feet, even loose non-strappy ones! The good news is the heat just broke and I am SO HAPPY!!! My mom had me in the beginning of September and my two brothers in August in Florida, so I know she must have been so hot. I think the biggest problem is in NYC there is so little central AC anywhere and the buildings make everything so much hotter!

      I ordered a few dresses from ASOS and have some options! And yes, comfort is key!!

  • Gigi

    Loving that bomber! So excited for your little bundle of joy :)

    • It’s ASOS and was so affordable! I’ll add a link up there to it!

      I’m excited too!

  • sev2108

    3-D ultrasounds are kind of weird, in my opinion. The machines that do my regular ultrasounds have 3d capability, so I’ve seen them a few times, but things always get in the way, especially at this stage (a hand, a foot, the umbilical cord), so unless it’s included in a regular ultrasound, I’d pass.

    You look fantastic. I know pregnancy and heat (currently 90 here in SF and I’m 32 weeks) and you’re glowing. Enjoy your shower. It seems as if you’ve already found the gold mine of maternity clothes on Asos. :-)

    • Ahhhh hang in there with the heat! The heat is no joke and truly does a number on a pregnant body!!!! We are right around the same time then! What’s your due date?

      I think they are weird too tbh – I always told Vlad that. I have friends who swear by getting them and I’m kinda like ehhh I could go either way.

      Maternity clothes are hard – I find they either look super business-y or just kinda of plain. I love how much Asos offers, I ordered so much from them last week!

  • Antonia

    Glad everything is ok-what a great ultrasound!! So exciting that you are having a girl Megs and Vlad. You have someone to hand down your beautiful bag collection to! Lucky girl!! :)

  • FashionableLena

    I never found the 3-D something that I wanted. It takes the fun and surprise out of the delivery. My two kids look so different, and my husband and I were in shock when our second one was born.
    I guess that everything is life is such an information overload that the element of surprise is refreshing. We didn’t even find out the sex of ours. Seeing my husband dance around the delivery room when our first was born was priceless. He REALLY wanted a boy!

    • Ahh that’s so fun! My parents didn’t know the sex of me and my sister, we were a surprise for them (they did find out with my brothers), but I really wanted to know the sex of the baby! We found out super early we were having a girl.

      The 3D ultrasound to me doesn’t even look that appealing! I guess it’s why I haven’t been gung ho about having it done, we just keep letting it slip by and not doing it.

  • Erin

    How long did it take for you to get your Zika results? I’m getting tested tomorrow and am terrified!

    • Vlad Dusil

      It took about 3 or 4 business days for the results to come back, but your mileage may vary. Good luck!

    • Wanted to add – we didn’t go through the health department, we got the script from our Drs and had the blood drawn at Quest Diagnostic. We have to pay for our blood work, but at that time, I wanted to pay and find out sooner.

      Fingers crossed for you – where do you live?

      • Erin

        Thanks! I live in Maryland, but had visited West Palm weeks before I realized I was pregnant. Drs seem convinced I’ll be fine, but it’s so scary and I’m a total hypochondriac which doesn’t help!

      • I am sure you are too – but nothing beats peace of mind! Luckily, Palm Beach isn’t a transmission zone – but trust me, I know the feeling!

  • Michelle

    If you don’t mind me asking, how are you able to manage/maintain your residences in both NYC and Miami? It has to be a huge hassle moving all your stuff so frequently between two cities…

    • No, don’t mind at all! In NYC we still have our PurseBlog offices with the team and my sister works with us, so she has an apartment in NYC. She is house swapping with us – letting us stay in her apartment and she and my parents (who live nearby our home in Florida) are watching our house and dog down there!

      We only brought a suitcase each so we don’t have a ton of out stuff here. I made two baby registries and the plan is after we have the baby up here, a few weeks later we’ll head back down the Florida when the Dr gives us the go ahead. Her nursery is being set up by my mom down in Florida and up here we are going to have a travel crib that we can let her sleep in. The stroller I’m getting also has a bassinet that is approved for infants to sleep in.

      It’s not really easy, and to be honest sometimes when I start to think of all of the logistics I get overwhelmed, but we’re making it work. Trying to just go with the flow as much as possible!

  • Sparky

    You look SO cute! Such a wonderful, joyous time. Enjoy!

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    Megs you look great !!!!!
    We never tried the 3D. Actually I thought it would never be the same as the first meeting. When the baby is out and they handle it to you. The moment your eyes meet. Sounded magical to us.
    Well that’s supposed to be this way, but the obgyn threw my son on me. Litteraly. There were 4 women delivering that night, every birth with complications (including the one of my son) and he could not lose any second. He was the only obgyn in the hospital, although this was taking place in one of the best hospitals in France.

    I’ll never forget the furious glaring in my son’s eyes. It makes me laugh now, but at the time, I had actually passed out from exhaustion between the moment my son was out and the moment he had woken me up by starting to feed himself on me. That kid was already very independant. I was so young (barely 22) he terrified me. I wondered how I’ld be able to deal with such a smart and furious baby. Now two years have gone by, and he’s such a blessing.

    As Lisa said, you’ll look adorable in any outfit. My suggestion is to find something confortable and of a colour you truly like. These are the last few days it’s only you and Vlad ! Perhaps something from Seraphine ?

    • I’m mentally preparing for the labor and delivery! I know it will be so exhausting and sometimes it worries me a bit because I get out of breath so easily now! But that’s just being pregnant and I know it will all work out. Sounds like you knew your son’s personality from the get-go! So cool!

      • Aurore de La Gorce

        Oh I hope I did not worry you. It does not have to be that exhausting.
        My mom had two children and each time was an easy, dream-like process of a few hours. Same for a friend of mine. It was just my experience that was not that cool, but I was already exhausted from my Bella-like pregnancy, and, to speak the truth, there was a medical mistake that ended up messing things up.
        Don’t forget to take a fan for the hospital. Their rooms are always too hot. Even in winter.
        Yes, it is somewhat strange for some people but I had the feeling we already had a connection before the birth and I was able to describe his personnality. I had warned my husband about how sporty he would be :) !
        Do you have any hints about your baby girl’s character ?

      • No, not at all!! My mom had all four of us natural and we were huge babies – I know it can be done!

        A fan!?! Never thought of that but I keep getting so hot non-stop!

        I think she’s stubborn – like her mom and dad ;). Most of my friends tell me that if they move their belly a bit it would get their babies to move around, but when she’s content she wants to be left alone. She’s also pretty chill, not too crazy in there. I just can’t wait to meet her and see what she’s like!

  • JustJai

    I think that’s so wonderful you were able to head north right now. I had my son in 2015 but if zika was as prevalent then, I would’ve done the same thing. As far as the 3D ultrasound goes, I did it with 2 of my pregnancies (wasn’t that common the first time around) and I loved it! It was a welcoming sneak peek at my babies. In my 3rd trimester I got to see that my daughter had my dimples! I was high risk with this last pregnancy so I had so many 3D ultrasounds. He kept his hands up so I mostly got to see little hands and feet but it was still nice. And fun comparing his newborn photos to rhe 3D pics.

    • Ok I think I’m going to do it! Need to schedule that soon because I’m running out of time and soon there won’t be much space in there for her which gives us less of a good look!

      Zika has been so weird, so I’m glad to be out of that area – so weird though, the news/media stopped covering it in many ways but it is still transmitting. Scary!

  • Hclubfan

    Oh Meg’s, you look so beautiful, and so happy! Thank you so much for sharing these stories with us. As you said, we all feel like we’re part of this giant tpf family that you and Vlad have built, so I’m sure many of us feel as though we know you guys. It’s so nice to share your joy! I’m happy to hear that you’re settled in NY and out of the Zika zone. ??

    • So happy to share! You all feel like a big group of close friends to me so it seemed silly not to share! I am feeling fairly good and for the most part enjoy being pregnant!!

      Yes, so happy to be out of Zika zone, just makes everything a bit easier all around :)

  • Kristen

    you look so cute! I have three kids and I love the look of a stretchy, fitted dress while pregnant! Check out Rachel Palley for that look or her long “kaftan” dress. Angelina jolie wore them! Google images lol! I could see you in one and it would last for post baby lunches and stuff…shes on hautelook a lot! :)

    • Ahh yes!!! Rachel Pally has some beautiful options, thanks for the recommendation! Going to see if I can find one now to overnight and try on!

      Plus, I def think I’ll need some stretchy dresses for a while after :)

  • kemilia

    So happy for you, you look great!!

    As for the ultra sound pic, I stared and stared and really could not see what you described, but that’s always been the way it is for me. I look at friend’s ultra sounds and say “oh yeah, I can see his nose” while all I’m doing is trying really hard and failing! I never could see those dolphins and other things in those weird illusion pics years ago either, and I would try so hard. So I will take your word on the pic of your adorable little girl, and wait for pics of her when she is finally out in the world. As for the 3D ultra sounds (I can see the babies very clearly in them!), while they are cool and all, I am a worry wart and would not do anything extra that wasn’t absolutely necessary. Take care and stay cool!!

    • I have to point out what people are seeing in the ultrasound pic! The other day I was showing my little brother (ok he’s not little but younger!) and he was like “THERE’S STILL A HUGE TAIL!?!?!”. I was like what are you looking at?! He can’t understand them either.

      The ultrasound above actually shows her face looking straight ahead with the eyelids closed and little mouth and nose. No worries if you don’t see it, soon she’ll be here for real so we can see her properly!

      I might do the 3D one, need to decide soon!

  • psny15

    stay safe guys & congratulations!

    NYC is my favorite in the fall – i may run into you!

    • Thank you!!! If you see me say hi, I’m out wandering Central Park mostly attempting to keep moving!

      I know, I’m thrilled about fall!

      • psny15

        Central Park is magical during the Fall and walking around the UES and UWS is my favorite as well Megs!

      • Ok so look for me – I’m not waddling… yet!

  • AshleyG

    Hugs and Kisses to you Megs! So glad you all got away from the Zika scare- it’s always better to be safe!

  • Imgoingbroke

    Hello cute Baby Dusil. What a great ultrasound image. I’m so happy for you both, and Megs, you’re excitement is so adorable. You wear your pregnancy well too.

  • Yoshi1296

    Glad you’re back in NYC! Enjoy your baby shower!!

  • Johanna

    So happy for you! It’s the best time!!

  • ManilaMama

    Megs! I didn’t read all the comments but I hope I’m not too late with my tiny bit of mommy advice! Eat sweets right before the 3D ultrasound! To “wake up” the baby! My first 3D ultrasound appointment was a flop. Baby asleep, back turned to the camera. We didn’t see a thing! I had to reschedule (and I had to cry my way into another slot haha, long story). Next time around we were prepared. I was told to eat before camera time. I was skeptical to how true it was but wow there she was. Moving and “smiling” and turning and waving!! We had great 3D video (and stills). So I’m passing on the info. Again, I don’t know the scientific basis, but if you are in a time crunch and only have one slot to get that shot.. Try to make sure the baby is active! Love ya and best of luck!!

  • Tillie46

    Megs, you look wonderful!! We miss you in Ft. Lauderdale, but I think you made the right decision in going to N.Y. I’m sure your baby shower will be beautiful, & our Princess will receive the most memorable gifts! Nothing but the best for “our girl”!!
    Hugs to Vlad, & kisses to you & the baby????

  • Sandy

    Wonderful post, best of luck in getting any sleep in the near future. LOL! Cherish every minute, it goes by so fast.

  • Jess

    You look beautiful M. Congratulations again. As far as I am concerned over here in little Perth Australia the option to go to NYC sounds amazing!!! Enjoy the last few months together with V. X