I can abide a lot of weird stuff from Marc Jacobs. In fact, Marc Jacobs is usually at his best when he’s at his weirdest, even if not everyone gets it.

Sadly, though, when I saw the Marc Jacobs Beaded Daisy Shoulder Bag at Saks last week, I found myself feeling like one of those haters that I usually dismiss: I just didn’t get it. Not even close.

Marc Jacobs Beaded Daisy Shoulder Bag

I will admit one thing, though, even though I don’t like the bag – it made me stop and look at it. Since I look at handbags 40 hours a week, I rarely stop and examine bags closely when I’m in a store, unless it’s something I really need to touch or something that I would actually consider buying. Other than that, this job sort of takes the magic out of going to the mall. With this bag, though, I wanted to touch the beads to see what they were made out of and if they were heavy. My best guess is that they’re ceramic, and they definitely added a bit of weight to the bag.

I wouldn’t say my interest was a positive thing, though – it was merely such an odd thing to see that I couldn’t help but investigate. If you’re looking for attention at any cost, then that might be positive, but mostly I felt like I was looking at it in the same way that I would look at a tacky holiday sweater. In fact, that’s what the hanging beads reminded me of the most – the extra, unnecessary crap hanging off a glittery, ironic-but-not-on-purpose Christmas vest. Perhaps its the contrast between the beads and the relatively boring design of the bag itself that makes them seem extra weird – I’m not sure. Buy through Saks for $1995.

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  • tadpolenyc

    i hated it when i first saw pictures of it, but changed my mind when i saw it person. between the beads and braided strap, it’s all very whimsical to me. it’s not something that i would personally buy. i do see someone with eclectic, unique style pulling it off really well.

  • Rae

    might look better with the longer, self-colored strap up, and the weird macrame/bead part hanging down like a sash. i still don’t think that’d change my opinion overall, however. it just looks awkward and inelegant.

  • Mochababe73

    I am a huge Marc Jacobs fan, but I am not feeling this bag. I like his more simpler styles. I think that the bag would do better minus the beads and macrame strap. Sometimes, basic and simple is better and can make a bigger statement than an overdone mess of a bag.

  • Jane

    Okay I am confused in so many ways by this bag. At first I noticed the beads. I was confused yet intrigued by the outline of the bag at closer inspection I see the beads. I am not a fan of the beads because I tend to be a tad harsh with my bags and one wrong move I can see the beads breaking in half especially if their ceramic. As a potter I know what clay can and can not handle. On to the handle, I realize that macrame seems to be in right now so I understand using that technique on the handle. However, I don’t understand why he used what looks like minnie rock climbing ropes to macrame. It continues with the rock climbing theme when he uses what looks like carabeners (sp) to attach the handle to the bag. I just don’t understand the bag I guess as a whole. Why those beads, why the ropes, why carabeners, and why the beige leather? I am confused into not wanting to buy this bag. Sorry MJ

  • Jenn

    I like Marc Jacobs on principle (I see a bag, recognize at as an MJ creation, and am reminded immediately of the amazing designs we’ve seen and loved). That said, I don’t love this bag (esp not at this pricepoint) but I do like the playfulness of the beads, and I appreciate the overall design. I think I would like the bag a lot more in a darker shade (black? navy?) by way of contrast. Still, after looking at the photo several times (in here and on saks.com) it still makes me smile. Surely that counts for something!

  • lindaC

    Uggh! It’s plain ugly and cheap looking, IMHO. Sorry.

  • Kendra

    I love the colors! (fb)

  • Elyse

    U-G-L-Y! (fb)

  • Jenn!

    I’m not loving this bag, but it definitely looks a lot better with black leather as opposed to the beige/tan leather. Against black, it’s kinda cute, the beads pop in a good way instead of looking tacky.

    But I still have to wonder what he was thinking with this.

    Kudos for taking a risk, Marc Jacobs…

  • Nicole

    At first I was like, Aw helllls to the Naw! But a moment later, I was like, diggin on you; diggin on me, baby babe oooh baby baby! You know what I mean?!!!