Chloe Bay Patent Hobo
Chloe Bay Patent Hobo

This is a stunning Chloe handbag, minus the whole heavy leather ordeal. I was never a huge fan of the Bay bag, especially in the larger versions, because it is just too heavy. I already own two Paddington bags that are used rarely because of the weight issue. But this bag I can handle, I think. The Chloe Bay Patent Hobo is drenched in the most beautiful hue of purple, which they deem violet, in a more compact Bay shape. The dimensions on this version are 12″W X 13″H X 4″D which are much smaller and more manageable than their Bay satchel or bag. This is a great throw over your shoulder and get on the go bag. The leather is a grained patent lambskin, but I have seen it in the store and it is not hugely over-powering. The 8″ shoulder drop makes the bag hand nicely on your arm and the shape is not too bulky that you have to hold your arm up in the air while carrying the bag. There is of course the pull accents that the Bay bag is known for and a large outside zip pocket for easy access. My problem with many Chloe bags is the inside lining, which is always just cotton. I hate to pay nearly $2k for a handbag and have it lined in simple cotton. But I like this bag, so I can look past that. So the cotton lining issue aside, the only other issue you may face is that this bag is still heavier than many that are the same size. Chloe implements such sturdy leather it is hard to get past the weight issue. But the issue should not be much of an issue when the bag is much smaller. Overall, this is my favorite Chloe Bay Bag yet! Pre-order at Saks for $1760.

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  • mette

    I think that this new bag is HORRIBLE ! Like many say,there is just too much going on with it. I´m sure lots of heads would turn around if I toted something like this.And surely I´d blush and pack it in my Longchamps regular. Purple can be very charming and I know it is my color,but not in the form of a bag like this.Chloe just hasn´t found it´s style. All those Paddington versions were terrible too. That´s about all I want to say for now.

  • mai

    i like that the bag is so bold. i think if i am going to spend a good amount on a designer bag i like it to make a statement. i love fashion and love design, you should check it out for more info

  • susieserb

    Rock on!! IMO Chloe does IT again. I beg to differ Chloe has found it’s style and IMO this bag proves it. The color is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous.

  • lanasyogamam

    This is a gorgeous bag! Chloe Bay bags are the best! Purple is hot, and this bag is a great use of the color.


  • Hot bitch

    Cute. How is there too much going on? It’s the right amount of BAM!

  • divnanata

    This style done a little larger is on my list of MUST HAVES! It is so incredibly cool and sassy with that color in a patent. I WANT IT!!! – I love it when I’m excited about a bag!

  • missnox

    DO NOT like this one. Am a fan of the original Bay in camel. Much classier than this one.

  • Christine

    Speaking of fabulous purples bags, have you seen the gorgeous aubergine hobo from Miu Miu at net-a-porter? Oh my fabulous! I ended up getting the black one just because I needed a practical, plain black bag, but the purple was really tempting and I’d love to see it in person. I LOVE Miu miu!!!

  • PiaLoveJD

    Cute bag… but i love the other Chloe bags. I have a new reality show that all purse lovers will love, check out my myspace at

  • bigbertha

    The bag is cute but I prefer the original with the quilted/textured pockets. I would never buy a bag that cost $1,000 much less $2,000 so I was not aware that the Chloe bags had such a weight issue! I can report my designer inspired “Bay Bag” is not heavy….lol. I got mine in white for $34.00 and plan to get the gold ASAP. In case anyone is interested I got it online at I discovered this site a few months ago, have purchased several items from them and I am very impressed with there service, pricing and quality. They are worth a lookseas.

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