First released in 1975, it’s been decades since the Hermes Passe-Guide Bag graced the shelves of an Hermes retail store, but the heavily hardwared bag made a comeback for Spring 2012 and will be produced again for fall. In very limited quantities, that is; the design starts at $11,700 for regular leather, and good luck finding one to purchase. What, you thought that Hermes would launch a new bag by making it widely available to all interested parties?

After the jump, though, we have a video from Hermes that sheds some light on why the number of Passe-Guides on the market might be so low: to put it simply, they seem far more difficult and time-consuming than average to assemble. Most of us have seen photos of how Birkins and Kellys are made, which is without a doubt a detailed process, but the Passe-Guide takes things to the next level, particularly in its ultra-structured, hardware-adorned, immaculately curved gusset. See how it’s done after the jump.

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  • Chasing Ruins

    Wow, what a craftsmanship!  Loving the style too. 

  • belleism

    omg beautiful…ugh but i guess i can’t be shocked with the price for hermes purses hahaha

  • running on heels

    When buying bags like this u just have to take care of them like your life depends on it! That is why people need to buy this product. It’s so chick, and there are lots of design 

  • Julie_gallaher

    So wonderful! I really love the bags! The colors and the brands ! thanks for the blog!

  • Julie_gallaher

    So wonderful! I really love the bags! The colors and the brands ! thanks for the blog!

  • Deedee

    The bag looks like a face. I guess it’s the trend

  • Perfecthandbags7

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  • An absolute beauty this is and very Hermes in design what with the distinctive saddle shape and hardware detailing! I don’t think 12k is too much to pay for this level of craftsmanship and heritage.

  • anonymous

    Hermes bag are really pricey but the quality is so perfect! That why you have to take care of them so that you can pass it to your future daughter or friends!  This bag holder can help you take care of them. It’s so chick!

  • camilla

    i loved the video. and please do not talk about cheap hermes is horrible only to hear it. Hermes is a dream is the luxury coming into you rlife, is the power of a dream that may come true. Let us dream for a while…

  • bir

    i sometimes hate sometimes fight sometimes almost forget Hermes but its just amazing how they create !!!!

  • angelbaby

    So wonderful! I really love the bags!  But if you like other hermes bags,welcome to

  • tensencxl
  • honlybaby

    Exactly! Well,I really like this bag….the first Fendi that I have ever!  I had my sights on a Celine or Givenchy for fall..

  • Fascinating video!

  • 497101

    This Hermes passe guide bag is so elegant and chic. A little heavy too. Various colors can refer 

  • dd dd

    I was lucky to have experienced the exhibition in London

  • good

  • i like hermes bags

  • Amazing!!! Hermes is the quality and perfection, no doubt about it!